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Tens of little things from Aveiro betting consistently on what the region
produces with perfection and offers to those who visit it…


Dezenas de pequenas coisas de Aveiro, numa aposta consistente
naquilo que de perfeito toda a região produz e oferece a quem a visita…


Zeca Aveiro’s story

All stories of Love have reasons that reason itself does not know. The love of Ana Andrezo and João Bem by Aveiro enters this paradigm. From one to the other this is already another story. But for our city, this one, it is unmistakable. Indescribable. And it grows every day. At every moment in which by the destiny that they chose, following and studying day-by-day the path of this street corner, born in Ria de Aveiro.

And Zeca was born of this growing and common interest. And yes, Zeca comes from the singer Zeca Afonso. But also comes from Afonso, the son of Ana and João, who liked to listen to Zeca and for asking to hear him, aroused in the father, creative and marketeer by nature, the interest in the name. Zeca, by Zeca Afonso, who happened to be born in Aveiro. Destiny sometimes has these imperfect paths that become perfect, like the streets of the Beira Mar, the Ria canals and the unstable salt hills, owners of life stories as hard as they are irresistible.

And these are the stories you can hear on pedestrian walks shared with Ana by the city of Aveiro. Or that you can feel and sense when you visit the coffee shop and the store in Largo da Apresentação and find yourself surrounded by dozens of small things in Aveiro, a consistent bet on what the region perfectly produces and offers to those who visit it.

But if we speak of love, we also speak of freedom, or Zeca was not the name. From John’s freedom to create and from the rapturous freedom of Ana, who one day decided to leave a job of a lifetime to dedicate herself to show all the charm that Aveiro provides. Of this love that does not have size left Maria Bonita, the most beautiful sardine in the world, or the sweetest if it is chocolate. The Greek yogurt sundae and homemade granola were also born, which is almost certainly one of the most shared sins on social networks. But, above all else, more than leaving or being born, the Soul and the Sentir aveirense flourished. That only those who visit Zeca realize. And love. And share.




Largo da Apresentação, nº1
3800-142 Aveiro, Portugal

Telefone: 964 497 240