Pássaro de Seda
— since 2007 —


The story of the Pássaro de Seda Atelier begins with a passion that find its nest in Rua Direita. The Pássaro de Seda Atelier establishes the perfect symbiosis between the traditional trade and the sophisticated refinement of those who know well what they do! A portuguese brand that is already known worldwide thanks to its unique identity.

Located since 2015 on Rua Combatentes da Grande Guerra – well-known by all as Rua Direita -, the Pássaro de Seda Atelier is housed in a building rich in History and Tradition, where numerous types of commerce have already passed. But it is there, at door number six, that after a few years of online existence, this Silk Bird has decided to make its nest … Today the doors open and reappear with true sympathy and primacy of care.

Maria João Cravo was a Portuguese-speaking teacher, but because she had never been able to give up on her creative side, she decided to leave teaching and dedicate herself to the project on a full-time basis. She discovered the art of ceramics, got involved in the world of costume jewellery and indulged in a passion for handicrafts. It is based on this scenario that the Pássaro de Seda builds its identity: a true flight to the past and to what was formerly used, but always with a contemporary note: a precious stone here, ceramic button there …

However, the concept is not confined to trade. In addition to a point of sale of clothing and handicrafts, the Pássaro de Seda is also a learning place, with various recurring workshops. Pioneer in the adhesion to the seal “Portugal Sou Eu”, Pássaro de Seda is proud to be entirely Portuguese: from the raw material to the final touches. Yes, all Portuguese!

It is of such elegance and delicacy common to porcelain, jewelry and the Bird … that could only bring water in the beak …