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In the number 8 we find Boteco, a bright and jovial space anchored to the Cais dos Botirões, now a colorful space, in times as white as salt, which was once one of the places of greater economic activity of the city, as we are told by Mr. Feliciano, born in Beira Mar of Aveiro. On the north side of the quay was the old Pascoal grocery store, recently converted into the Bar O Boteco by the hands of Ricardo Martins, a businessman of the hotel industry in love with Aveiro, the traditions of São Gonçalinho and the tasty tropical flavors of the charismatic Brazilians botecos.

The quay was built in the 19th century as part of the expansion of the fishing district to the Rossio, taking away the trade of fish and salt from the center of the city. The quay made the connection to Praça do Peixe, with the greatest abundance of fish, sold directly on the boats by the fishermen which arrived at the dock at 5 o’clock in the morning with a compulsory stop at Zé da Bissa or Tasca do Jesus for breakfast. The meal was simple. One fig, one cracker and a nice dose of brandy before sailing to the Barra of Aveiro, from which they returned at noon, loaded with clamshell, mussels, petinga, horse mackerel and sea bass, delivered to the proud Varinas with brass vases filled to the top of fresh seafood that was then sold door-to-door through the city.

It is in this tradition, married to the concept of tropical bar, that Boteco find its inspiration. With live saxophone and many street shows, which fit like a glove to the atmosphere of Aveiro, one can enjoy the comfort of the terrace leaning on the Cais dos Botirões and all the sensations that Mestre Ricardo has the mastery of providing with his delicious caipirinhas.