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Tribo do Sol
— since 1996 —

The idea for this brand full of positivism arose precisely between beaches, waves and travels. Luis and Joaquim were neighbors and deepened their friendship on the beach. Wave sports were a common passion. Joaquim practiced and competed frequently, while Luis photographed and judged surfing and bodyboard competitions. His background in business sciences led him to work for several years in marketing in the industry, but this lifestyle did not make him happy and eventually he imagined a different career path. It was during a surfing contest that both conceptualized a brand that could capture the spirit of what they prized most: the salutary and sunny coexistence of the beach.

Tribo do Sol appeared in 1996 and has been, until today, a constant presence in Praia da Barra. In the beginning, the audience consisted mainly of friends, but friends quickly became friends of friends until, in 2000, Luis and Joaquim managed to open a space more according to what they intended. The brand continued to conquer the market and nowadays it sells retail to several stores from north to south of the country, although massification has never been an objective of the two entrepreneurs. Luís and Joaquim prefer to keep the philosophy of local commerce intact: they do not market their brand in malls and are not interested in creating franchisees. Nor are they interested in the possibility of low-cost and, low quality international production methods. They prefer to build strong relationships with local companies that ensure them durable clothes that meet the environmental and sustainability concerns they have always had. Joaquim explains in brief words: 'local trade is sustainable, the reason for the ecological, economic and social crisis is global trade'. These concerns go even beyond the commercial sphere. The brand is also defined by the union that provides the somewhat fragmented community of Barra - in part due to the seasonality of the bathing season - through initiatives that promote cleanliness and preservation of the beach, as well as environmental education actions.

The passion for the waves was another aspect always cherished by the brand. They have their own surf school, "Amigos do Oceano", focused more on the leisure side than on the competition aspect, because often what we find in wave sports is not just tubes, we find a tribe united by love of the contact with the nature and coexistence.

But this tribe is not limited to surf lovers. For many who see Praia da Barra as the place of choice for the holidays, Tribo do Sol is almost a return to their second home. They seek to reduce the distance of those who are out and only come here during the summer period, keeping throughout the year a photographic record of the beach in social networks. At the entrance of the store is also a spoil that rivals the wealth of photographic collection: about 400 jars containing sands of beaches from all over the globe! Although most of them have been collected on staff trips and brand owners, some are also offered by visitors and friends, certain that each bottle has a history.

Barra is a beautiful Portuguese beach. A stretch of sand with an unusual mystique, glimpsed as one crosses the bridge over the ria that outlines it. And Tribo do Sol is undoubtedly one of its main landmarks. When you come to this beach paradise do not forget to visit the shop of those who always have a smile on their lips to receive you.

If you identify with the spirit of this house, pay a visit and join the Tribe. Welcome!  
Tribo do Sol