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The Best Store
— since 2012 —

On the screen, the images follow at dizzying speeds, threatening to overwhelm our visual processing capability. Bodies exhibit fluttering, silky fabrics, and in our memory lies the indelible sensation of desire. The wardrobe screams in agony, with freshness that has never seen the light of day. Such is the tragedy of the new clothes that are left in a corner. Fernanda Costa, owner of The Best Store, at Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho 175A, however, has another outcome for this dilemma, namely offering a second life for all types of clothing.

Passionate about fashion since her childhood, she began her professional career at the age of 15 in house Arménio, where she worked for six months. Next, she worked in casa Fernando where she learned from a good source the knowledge about sales and marketing, as well as developing a taste for customer service. Always full of liveliness and energy, Fernanda dazzled the runway and photography sessions for the agency Gente Gira. Later, when she worked at Kid To Kid, a second-hand clothing store for children, she pondered the use of the concept for adults. The name for her business was already chosen. With a full-proof positivism, Fernanda, still in her teenage years, said that any store she eventually had would be the 'best' in its field. On the other hand, at this time the 'best of' musicals were in fashion, which also served as inspiration. Fernanda initially settled in downtown Avenida, in the 7th of September 2012 and as the concept gained traction, she acquired the store next door. Subsequently, for reasons of visibility, as well as of available area, she moved to Guilherme Gomes Fernandes Street, which was followed by the present location, which housed the American Warehouses in the past.

As for the offer at The Best Store, you can find a wide range of brands, from haute couture to pieces for two euros. The contact with the world of fashion gives Fernanda an advantage, the ability to verify the genuineness of the clothes that come by her. And of course, Fernanda takes every possible care before exposing them in her establishment. However, be aware that this is not a stock and collection store, it is, a store full of variety, where habitués do not hesitate to visit, to enjoy the panoply that the store, with its three floors, displays. Some clients only come looking for reputable brands, others look for formal attire, but all find something that pleases them. If there is a real problem in this establishment, it is the indecision of the clients, indecision that is quickly dispelled by the assertive view of Fernanda, who does not hesitate to offer it when requested.

This is an innovative concept in the city, to which the people of Aveiro are adhering more and more. A small note: do not forget to take a look at the affectionately nicknamed 'chest of pirates', which consists of a collection of eclectic and lively bijouterie, just like the owner of this dynamic establishment.

Dare and come give a second life to your clothing, footwear and accessories. They deserve it and so do you!  
The Best