Tripas Têzero
— since 2000 —


When passing by the Clube dos Galitos street, right next to TÊZERO’s door, the first sign that something tasty is being made there is its typical smell. Then, in a normal day, people always line up to buy the famous Tripa: “Sometimes people, especially tourists, are waiting and do not really know what they’re waiting for. Then when it comes their turn, they are usually surprised. This is something that is ours, from Aveiro, and in my experience, there is no middle ground. Either you like a lot or you don’t like it at all. Fortunately the balance is positive, in a ratio of 80/20 percent.”

This is how Paulo Pinheiro explains his vision of 16 years ago, when he decided to open TÊZERO, the Aveiro space where Tripas are its only business card, but by choice: ”when we opened shortly after 9/11,we also had other things like Francesinhas, but I quickly realized that the Tripas were the delicacy that was truly making the difference, because they’re the best of them all. They’re also the most expensive ones and I say that without any problem. No one does them like here for the secret is in the pastry, and that secret, the true one, is mine and only mine.”

In TÊZERO, the  Tripa can be “stuffed” or “decorated” with anything. Simple or more sophisticated with fruit or salt, or even the naturally sweet, with all variants and brands of chocolate, and even all the ones our clients can imagine. One of the strangest orders was “ice cream with ham”, but it was doable like any other says Paulo Pinheiro, who proudly adds, “few are the customers that don’t take a snapshot of their tripa and publish them to all social media. There ain’t no better advertising than that! “