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Tasca de Sal
— since 2015 —

On February 12, 2015, the Tasca do Café became the Tasca do Sal. The change of name was subtle, but the concept of the house has undergone considerable changes. Lets take a closer look at the mind behind this emergent house in the city of Aveiro, located at nº 15 of the Cais dos Mercantéis. José Pedro Oliveira began his professional career in banking, around 1992, where he worked until 2013. During his free time, Pedro always liked to cook, which in the end, translates into socializing with his friends. The truth is that Pedro always had a passion for cooking and when he had the opportunity, he started to idealize a restaurant project. Something very personal, small and cozy that could emulate the salutary coexistence he enjoy and let know his gastronomic talent.

And so it was that, through remodeling works and an assertive vision, the Tasca do Sal was born, an ideal place to have lunch, dinner, or just to hang on after work. The restaurant / bar works until 2am, with an excellent selection of drinks, therefore a must stop in Aveiro, with or without appetite.
Although the house is recent, it has been used by all generations to test its generous menu, several tapas, meat and fish dishes, as well as various specialties to appease the most demanding appetites. The house also has options for vegans and celiacs and for those who do not want what is on the menu, there is always something else that can be arranged, in addition to the well-known delicacies such as Valencian paella, sea bass / grouper, rice with linguine, fried or mussels gratin with cheese, or such rarities like head of grouper. According to Peter, what was formerly practically given in the past is nowadays considered to be delicacy, such as the famous Samos with grain.

Food tendencies may be volatile, but there is however a compelling maxim for Pedro, the bet on freshness and quality. Pedro chooses carefully its supply and ensure that before any establishment can claim some fame, it needs in first place to bet on best quality products.
As for the Tasca do Sal, the affluence speaks for itself. Sometimes praise comes directly through remarks like those of a Galician client who mentioned the following to Pedro: 'the fish soup is the best I've ever eaten and look I'm Galician.' Sometimes they are simply observable in those customers who go and always return.
Tasca do Sal is an excellent addition to the Aveirense gastronomic landscape. A dynamic house, with a diversified offer and excellent environment, sided with the river. Now you know, if you want to sip a glass of wine, have an aromatic rice and finish with the delicious sweets of the house, visit the Tasca do Sal, because any of the three options will leave you wanting to repeat the dose. This Tasca opens the doors to what the best Aveiro has to offer.  
Tasca do Sal