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Talho Mesquita
— since 1975 —


The meat trade of the Mesquita family, originally from Macinhata do Vouga, finds its roots in the nineteenth century. Jorge Mosque, current owner of MESQUITA butchery, states that back in the days the entire family was cattle trader, but it was his grandfather, Antonio Francisco Mesquita who in 1937, shortly after marrying Rosalina Mosque, opened a business sheep and goat meat, with slaughter and sale in fairs in the Aveiro district.

It was his son Manuel Mesquita, returning from the colonial war in 1973, who continued the business, opening in 1975 the MESQUITA Butchery in Rua do Serrado, nº7 in Albergaria-a-Velha. Since 2010 who runs the business is Jorge, only son of Manuel Mesquita, and his wife Clara Nazareth. Much has changed since the time when his father was doing its own way, day and night, trough the mountains with more than 200 head of cattle. Much has changed since the time it was the family who did the slaughter of the cattle. Today it is all handled in the slaughterhouse. Customers, some inherited from the father, others attracted by the quality of the product and the personalized, reliable service.

“We had to adapt and innovate,” admits Jorge Mesquita. Today the service is closer to the people, more targeted and appropriate to the current way of life. We recommend the right meat for each occasion and deliver the wright piece, ready to freeze and cook.

“We work on a monthly base order, making life easier for our customers” says Carla, “Our customers come to us for the personal relationship and the quality of our products, reliable meat treated without chemicals such as sausages produced in the same way it was 100 years ago, only with spices and wine.

The MESQUITA meats excel in quality, traditionally treated, with scorch torch, resulting in more tasty and consistent meat than the ones treated chemically. The service is unique for friendliness and hospitality. A well-Portuguese service you can discover in Albergaria-a-Velha.