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Taberna do Arco
— since 2017 —

Aveiro, city by the sea, city with life, tourism, beach and sun. A city with its doors open to the world, with its customs in the limelight, but also a city of peacefull, hidden places, havens, of those spots that already feel like a second home ... Susana Vieira Ferrão and Jaime Nuno Reis knew how to propagate this spirit in its fullness, through their project, the Taberna do Arco, located in the Arco do Comércio, nº27.

Susana grew up in a family of farmers and never lost the spirit the salutary coexistence she acquired in her childhood. In fact, she did not give up even the simple pleasure of working the land, since she still happily helps the family in her spare time. During her life journey she gained bar experience, as did Jaime who had run two cultural associations. Their initial dream was a coffee shop, but when Leonor, the now year-old daughter, joined the family, they considered the possibility of a restaurant for their baby to grow up in a more supportive environment. They began their journey by looking for the ideal space. When Susana saw the traditional counter on nº27 of the Arco do Largo, she knew immediately that this was the perfect place for the environment they wanted to provide.

The establishment has a lightness difficult to describe, evidenced in the simplicity and pragmatism of the tables, in Susana's smile, in the outstretched hand of Jaime, and proudly affirms itself as a traditional house in which you can enjoy delicious snacks. With the pleasant music, decoration reminiscent of other times, and great seasonings accompanied by a good glass of sangria, the temptation to turn lunch into a snack that lasts for hours seems almost unfair.
For those who prefer the fork and knife themselves, the Tavern always has francesinhas as well as the famous pork ala Alentejana and bread ala farmer. Of course, with a bit of imagination and a hint of gluttony, the mix of various snacks unfolds into a myriad of original dishes.

The agricultural implements that decorate the walls are accompanied by an illustration of the Sublime Ville tattoo artist, Pedro Rodrigues and both complete the telluric spirit of the house.
The arch - decorated by a colorful grafitti - which gives the name to the square, is witness to the short, but lively journey of this establishment. It shares with him a certain irreverence, a certain individuality that came to bring color to an already gray area of ​​the city, where the Vedeta do Arco, once a grill restaurant, well known to the people of Aveiro, spent its last years in neglect.

The Tavern was inaugurated in October 2017, but thanks to the efforts of Susana and Jaime, there has been a continuous evolution. It assumes itself as an informal space where you can have a beer on a Friday night while listening to a nice reggae, or let the your kids draw colorful pictures at ease in the space dedicated to them, while a melody of Portuguese music fills our ears and senses during lunch or at any given time and day of the week.

The history of Taberna do Arco is built under the strong foundations of friendship and as such, here is a note of appreciation and a strong hug from Susana and Jaime to all the friends who helped them to create this house. Cheers and come again!  
Taberna do Arco