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Sublime Villa
— Since 2010 —

In the ever-changing social consciousness, ideas are gradually accepted. Tattoos are a great example of this, but sometimes simple acceptance is not enough, something more is needed, something that brings comfort, a sense of community that validates this change. Perhaps that was the reason that led Marco and Rui to create SublimeVilla, a brand that covers several areas, focused on creating an interesting and alternative lifestyle.

The idea for the business began in a non-serious fashion among friends in 2008. Marco and Rui had known each other for several years, and the ambition to create a business led them to idealize Sublime, a brand that began by dedicating itself to clothing. Later, they met Miguel, a tattoo artist who would also be a member of Sublime Villa. Marco had already had contact with the world of tattoos, when in 1998, he made his first tattoo at Dirty Pig in Coimbra. Miguel's talent as a tattoo artist inspired them to explore this world so often ostracized in the past. And so it was. In 2010, they opened the first Sublime Villa in Gafanha da Nazaré, then in Aveiro, in the Praça do peixe in 2013. Finally, they moved the store to Von Haff street, where the wide space allowed for better functioning. Eventually, the international doors opened themselves for the brand. The first studio outside Portugal was set up in Berlin (later moved to Neunkierchen) followed by Zurich, proving that SublimeVilla's lifestyle was international.

The barber shop that the brand also integrates has been well accepted and is a perfect complement to a different look. On the other hand, Marco, Miguel and Rui are always attentive to the possibility of new partnerships that can expand the business’s area of ​​influence.

Sine Factory, for example, has a music studio in the Aveiro's store, while the agency We Know Agency powers an artistic vein not only of SublimeVilla but also of other national and international names in the world of music and television in their agency and finally the company La Casa Nostra, a video and photography producer that is also part of this great "Art Factory" which is SublimeVilla

The growth of the brand also required more employees. Manuel Oliveira, Bruno Perdiz and Carlos are some of the professionals who joined the team and who have helped to raise the values ​​of SublimeVilla. The cohesive group that has been created represents a great victory for Marco, but his biggest pride is the seamlessness of the business’s evolution: with planning, but without haste, with investment, but with their own capital. Perhaps that’s why, despite all this evolution, the three partners prefer to keep the brand expansion under a firm hand, so as not to distort the concept. And what a concept! Clients of all ages come to SublimeVilla's stores to breathe in the alternative wave, make that long-planned tattoo or gain the courage to wear a piercing. In fact, it doesn’t take much courage. As Marco points out, good professionals and good equipment guarantee a process as comfortable as possible. But it's not just customers who recognize the brand’s value. The international awards are already numerous: Best Of Show - Madrid Tattoo Convention 2013, 1st "Color" - Oporto Tattoo Expo 2015, Best Of Day - New York Empire State Tattoo Expo 2016, Best Of "The Storm" - The Storm Tattoo Convention 2017 and 1st "Best Realistic" - Stockholm Ink Bash 2017 are just some of the merits attributed to the artists who are a part of SublimeVilla.
Come and get to know the team of sublime professionals who work tirelessly to give a more daring look to your life.  
Sublime Villa