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S. Gonçalo Arts & Crafts
— since 1989 —

Some say that difficulties builds character. Alice Marques and Joaquim Oliveira, grandmothers of Diana Coelho, are a real example of this observation. From door to door, they forged, not only their future, but also that of their children, selling traditional crafts and opening the doors to what would be a successful business.
The people of Amarante always knew how to take advantage of the synergies of textile production in the area, namely Guimarães and Braga. Diana's grandmothers were no exception and many were the lay partners who helped to make, many the rooms they helped decorate, until the family marriage, in the mid-70's — it was time to think about the children's trousseau. We might have romanticized that the meeting between Diana's father and mother was a fortuitous event, and it was indeed, in fact Mr. Abel Coelho was keen to date Mrs. Maria Rosa Coelho and the relationship flourished. In 1989 they founded the company Marques e Coelho, Artesanatos e Bordados Lda. in Amarante. The growing business did expanded in Ílhavo and the family were soon managing three open stores - one on Barra beach and two in Amarante - until it finally establishes itself in Aveiro, in Rua dos Mercadores.
Diana grew in two worlds: from her mother and grandmother she received all the sales knowledge, on the other hand, from her sisters and father, the sensitivity for art and production. Despite having studied and finished the engineering course, Diana always wanted to continue with the family business. She managed to Participate in several fairs, such as FARAV, to promote handicrafts, and later, with the wealth of experience acquired in her youth, she took care of the store in Aveiro, São Gonçalo arts & crafts. Recently, she joined forces with Nuno Miguel, her husband, in managing the store to continue to bring to its customers, quality craftsmanship, with a friendly and familiar service.
The store is located in one of the busiest areas and of great importance for the cultural heritage of Aveiro - under the arches, in Rua dos Mercadores, where José Estevão was born. A place where the long-time friends from the seaside neighborhood continue to congregate and, curiously enough, it has been the stage for the filming of the novel “Espelho d’água”, flooding the street with curious glances.
In São Gonçalo arts & crafts we can find what is best done in Portugal, exquisite handicraft, passing through the magnificent embroidery of Lixa and Viana do Castelo, along with articles that have been accompanying the tourist evolution in Aveiro, proudly spreading the symbols to our neighbors from other countries. The smell of wood, the immaculate white of the fabrics, the colors and patterns of the embroidery, the music in the street, everything delight the senses and tempts us to take a small piece of Portugal.
S. Gonçalo Arts & Crafts