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Sandra Cruz
— since 2015 —

The story of Sandra Cruz, Hairstylist & Barber Shop, located in Aveiro, Direita street of Aradas No. 14A, begins with something as spontaneous and natural as combing hair. When she was still a girl, Sandra was already untangling and shaping the long hair of her cousins. All her family said she had a way with it and the success of her current establishment, opened in 2015, does not betray their words.

She completed the Hairdressing Course in Aveiro and began her internship at Maxim Cabeleireiro in Aveiro. Her talent with comb and scissors quickly acquired fans and she even took on the responsibility of space management until she eventually acquired it. The professional component of Sandra Cruz also evolved in the formative sense, having completed the CAP, pedagogical training of trainers. Thus, her passion for teaching led her to provide training in Hairdressing Schools and ABC aesthetics over 6 years, teaching the practical and theoretical aspects of the profession. She has also supported several brands of educational products in several Hairdressing Salons in the North and Center areas.

She has been able to reconcile the roles of her personal and professional life, and as a consequence of her evolution in an area that is constantly changing, the idea of ​​having a space of hers in the city of Aveiro, began to gain form. In 2015 her aspirations materialized in Rua Direita, nº 14 A. This new stage of her life included Dora Rodrigues, who had already been her student, and was at the same time a major motivation to move forward with this new project. The dynamics of the two professionals created a modern, warm and friendly environment, which keeps the doors open to all visitors.

The Sandra Cruz Salon, Hairstylist & Barber Shop has a clientele that has been with it for decades. They excel by keeping up-to-date and by employing techniques following current trends. The space is designed to receive kids and adults. For children who have some fear of cutting hair, there is a play area that distracts them from the activity itself. On the other hand, few resist protective gowns with super heroes or princesses ... Before engaging in the hairdressing profession our entrepreneur had pondered to embracing areas related to children. She seems to have managed to somewhat reconcile in this way, the two passions. The ample space also allowed Dora and Sandra to work with Marisa Oliveira, a specialist in aesthetics.

In the experienced view of Sandra, Hairdressing courses in Portugal are a bit short for the requirements of the profession, however, she admits that it’s possible to fill these flaws with experience and dedication. Judging by the success of her saloon there are no doubts about it.
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Sandra Cruz