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Sabor e Arte
— since 2008 —

Located in the historic district of Aveiro, Sabor & Arte accommodates, in addition to various handicrafts, a wide variety of materials and tools, specially for the arts and crafts.

Open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday, this little business has been operating for about eight years and a half in the J store of José Estevão Gallery, a modern building whose construction has sought to respect the characteristic traits of the Combatants’ Street of the Great War (Rua dos Combatentes), better known as “Rua Direita”.

According to its owner, Maria João Câncio, the financing for this business arrived on a Monday and with the help of her hero, her husband, she managed to assemble practically everything in just four days, having opened the store’s doors already in the following Saturday. The store officially opened on October 25, 2008, featuring exhibitions of various craftsmen, with the added presence of local and specialty press.

Although it has started to work mainly as a showroom for handicrafts, it is nowadays dedicated to the sale of specific materials for the making of art and craft pieces, to the crafting of various small items, as well as to the realization of workshops teaching such diverse techniques as Belgian binding, cartoning, furniture decoration, patchwork in paperpiecing, illustration or creative sewing.

The first contact with the wonderful world of fabrics and seams was through her maternal grandmother and her Singer sewing machine. The first piece she ever made by herself was a pair of pants, at age 10, which she still keeps until today as a memory of a happy time on the city of Parede. Nevertheless, the first forays of Maria João Câncio into the world of the handicrafts go back to her adolescence, a time in which she sought to acquire the complete collection of the author Eça de Queiroz thanks to the revenue stream coming from the sale of jewelry and accessories, that were manufactured with materials of haberdashery. Having gone through other career paths in the meantime, she would finally devote herself entirely to craftsmanship around 2006, the year in which she participated in her first fair.

Nowadays, in addition to the sale of a range of materials such as patchwork kits, fabrics, felts, blankets, fillers and interlinings, woods, fasteners, ribbons or buttons – and tools – such as knitting machines, cutting or sewing initiation kits – Sabor & Arte aims to fulfil the dreams of its customers through the manufacturing of special orders, from clothing, toys and creative works of fabric to personalized notebooks, beds for cats or carnival costumes, among others…  
Sabor & Arte