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— since 2017 —

When the hot plate signals that the meat is done, the hamburger is flipped. The page is turned, so to speak. And when a business needs a breath of fresh air, the page is also turned. The same happened with a burger house in the Manuel Firmino Market that captured the eyes of Oscar and Sonia Cruz, a couple of entrepreneurs.

When they found this inactive establishment, Óscar and Sónia had 10 years of experience in catering, more specifically in the management of 4 houses of success, still fully operational today. And so it was that Revolta
joined, on December 7th, 2017, Gula do Prego, whose specialty are “pregos no prato” and “pregos no pão”, Mania - whose concept is based on poké bowls of salads and fish - and two Kebab restaurants. One can say that Oscar and Sonia know how to diversify their offer. Especially Oscar who, according to his wife, is somewhat of a foody and therefore has already learned a well acquired taste and knowledge.

Making use of this knowledge, the enthusiastic couple started from scratch. They re-imagined the concept of the previous house and, after extensive works, Revolta was born, a hamburger house based on the principles of quality and variety. All the burgers are freshly made, which is immediately apparent in their juicy taste. On the other hand, Revolta preps french fries in a time-consuming process, but with excellent results, so as to achieve the crispy effect of the potato chips. They have all the flavor without the preservatives and we have not even mentioned that they use sweet potatoes, which is a pleasant surprise. For those who prefer a lunch or dinner with a knife and fork it’s possible to order the hamburger dishes, with french fries salad and rice. But what would a meal be without a drink to accompany it. Again, Revolta has a pleasant surprise in store called Praxis. It comes from Coimbra and proudly boasts the most the title of most produced craft beer in Portugal. Definitely the perfect compliment to the establishment's burgers. For those who want to avoid meat, you can opt for three types of salads or vegan burgers.

Always looking for ever greater variety of flavors, the couple makes a point of changing a good part of the menu every six months. The inspiration comes a bit from all around the the world and from Oscar's seasoned palate, but of course some of the most sought-after burgers remain on the menu, and “Revoltado” is the perfect example. We could talk a bit more about the meticulous process that creates the unique flavors of Revolta, but in Oscar's succinct words "in the end, things taste good and people don’t know why."

But it isn’t only on the taste that the house reveals its merit. The remodeling was the result of a great effort and virtually everything you can see inside the restaurant was created by the couple’s hands, with the exception of a bicycle rebuilt from an old frame and hand-painted, which fits perfectly into the hand-crafted concept of the house. The large space offers several places to choose from like for example the ground floor inside Manuel Firmino Market, or the terrace on the first floor with a privileged view to the center of Aveiro. On rainy days guests will certainly appreciate the elevator that transports them directly from the underground car park to the restaurant.

Revolta is unequivocally a great place to taste a good burger (and more!). The clientele is varied and sometimes the whole space is completely occupied by groups that do not resist these grilled delicacies.
Now the question remains. Are you up for a bite?