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Nós Trás os Montes
— since 2013 —


The story of “Nós Trás os Montes“ is something special. It was born out of the difficulties of Joaquim Nogueira, an agricultural engineer in unemployment who, instead of feeling sorry about himself, risked everything by getting into a difficult project that few believed in, and many called him “crazy” to go ahead with.

In a square that in 2013 was still far from the commotion and movement of today, the concept of “Nós Trás os Montes” was only to sell products from the Portuguese region of “Trás-os-Montes” and to do wine tastings. But quickly, believing that everything was changing, he switched to a separate service where he could eat and buy the best regional products, drink the best beer and the best wine.

“Over the course of my life I ran Portugal from one end to the other in my line of work. I’ve been to restaurants where we ate for 3 euros and in others for 150 euros, where we had exclusive employees per table. It was a life experience where I learned that I really wanted to do this, but in a more thoughtful manner, of outstanding quality, where all the products we sell are respected. We are different. Very different.”

This difference paved the way for a very real and palpable success. So palpable that proposals to buy the space by a fortune have increasingly multiplied. But, perhaps, “crazy” again, he refuses them, with the same conviction he had when he launched himself into this adventure. “I always said that Aveiro was going to have this space full of life in four years. I believed in this as few believed. Now I want to continue to make a difference, with the certainty that this is undoubtedly the ideal home for those who have passion”.