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mySugar Creations
— since 2008 —

At the number of José Afonso street in Aveiro, chocolate is dressed in quaint clothes, in the form of an original packaging with the varied messages. This is an evolution of the concept 'mySugar' developed by Rita Gonçalves in 2008.

She was born and studied in Lisbon, but after the Chemical Engineering course, her internship brought her to the municipality of Aveiro, more specifically Recer, in Oliveira do Bairro, where she made industrial planning and industrial management. Her proficiency in management led her to become interested in implementing Oracle's management and production software in a Dutch company where she still works. Its area of ​​expertise encompasses numerous European companies, leading Rita to travel across the continent which in turn gives her an open spirit to pursue innovative products. The basic concept of mySugar, that of creating personalized sugar packets in limited quantities for festive occasions, came from Rita's passion for their collection. The brand is a pioneer in this area and has had a strong presence in gourmet stores, airports and service stations.

In 2008, Rita was present at a fair in Germany to establish partnerships with suppliers of sugar and eventually discovered the world of chocolate. Later that year, she planned to open a store in Aveiro, more specifically in the Forca. Despite being small, the store was a point of visibility for this new facet of the brand and the growth it had in four years, prompted Rita to move the store to a larger space. In 2014 she decided to come to a more central location in the city. The store's present location, in José Afonso street, continues to attract customers. In fact, the conjunction of this new location with the addition of a cafeteria service doubled the flow of costumers to mySugar. The store has become a pleasant meeting place, where the chocolate smell seems to invite you to linger a bit longer.

It’s a pleasure for clients to discover or simply visit this space, where packaging with affectionate messages for parents, children or friends reflects the talent of the Portuguese illustrators who create them. Note that the illustrations in these colorful packaging and cans are all exclusive to the brand. In addition to mySugar chocolate, the store also features Delícia, Amatller and Simon Coll. And of course, since Aveiro is a city by the sea, the sardines couldn't be absent ... and they’re also made of chocolate. But this isn’t the most unusual use of chocolate. With a smile on her face Rita mentions the napolitanas that were personalized for a dog on its birthday with its furry face. Certainly a challenge ...

The store mySugar intends to continue to melt the hearts and to delight the palate of the Aveirenses with its original chocolates.
Come discover this new way to combine sweetness and friendship.