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— since 2014 —

It was the year 1992 when the Adlertum Dortmund was opened in the German city of Dortmund. At the top of the tower was a boy, son of Portugueses, his gaze locked on the endless view of industrial blocks over the Ruhr Valley, Europe's most industrialized region. His name was Daniel, and his thoughts were divided between ball games with friends, day-to-day at school, mother Donzilia, father Manuel, brothers and curiously … ice-cream.

Daniel always liked ice cream and tried to eat the first one that appeared in front of him, even without its teeth. The years passed, and little or nothing changed. Better to say, it worsened drastically when her mother began working at the Cortina ice cream parlor, under the tutelage of Signore Peppi, the most genuine Italian gelatier, with the famous tricolor hat, accented pronunciation, and typical slang. Master Peppi, a true ice-cream enthusiast, introduced the magic of homemade ice cream to the younger guests, who joined at the door of the establishment to taste the latest exotic flavors. One day, Signore Peppi decided to return to his homeland and trespass the ice-cream shop. Said and done, they Daniel fathers seized the opportunity in sight and became the Costa Gelateiros, with their own production, following a tradition rich in knowledge, transmitted from Peppi himself to father Manuel, from Italy to Germany, by the hands of Portuguese.

Eight years later, at the turn of the millennium, the family returned to Portugal full of ideas and plans for the creation of a ice cream shop in the region of Aveiro. An arduous task facing the usual bureaucracies that delayed the opening in two years. Nevertheless, on July 12, 2002, the Gelataria Milano in Praia da Barra is inaugurated on Rua João Corte Real, nº93, following the name of the Italian city of Daniel. For the rest of the summer they did not close a single day. The affluence was such that they opened from eight to three in the morning. Daniel tells us that 'it was crazy, a novelty that attracted everyone! Whether it was for the hearts, the variety or the price, everyone wanted to try it. '

Since 1998 Daniel worked in the family business. From the father the artificer was formed. From the mother, the entrepreneur, the leader and the person. This fusion of valences, coupled with an idea that came from afar, joined the ceaseless requests of customers for a ice cream shop in Aveiro. It was in 2014, at the suggestion of Mr. Leonel, that the mother and son found the space they had been looking for, right on the 14th of July, door 7, in the former ‘Casa dos Cortinados’. They just had to change the look, so that a few months later, on September 19, 2014, they would open the famous and much-desired Gelataria Milano in Aveiro.

Daniel's particularly assertive view is the key to understanding Milanos success. First, the house serves seven days a week and only closes doors at Christmas and New Year's Eve, between eighteen o'clock on the afternoon of the 31st and the nine o'clock on the morning of the 1st. Second, the sixty flavors are artisanal of the higher quality, with unique flavors such as Flor de Sal, Ovos-Moles Cheesecake or Ginger Black Chocolate, to complete lactose-free or gluten-free variants, or even diet ice cream. Third, the highly qualified team of fourteen employees in the summer and ten in the winter, is constantly training to provide the best service. Fourth, the family atmosphere that resulted from the cut with the traditional formality of the ‘Italian gelataria’, delights the house fans.

A recipe for success that does not stop here. Daniel intends to expand the ice cream production area and increase the range of offerings. Surprises will not be too long. From the wholesale sale to catering, wedding service and festivities to the mobile sale of ice cream at festivals. An extraordinary journey with one last secret - 'I had to meet my wife in the ice cream shop!' And so it was. A few years after the opening of Gelataria Milano in Praia da Barra, Daniel met Mónica, whom he would marry in 2006 and with whom he has two children, Yara and Enzo, heirs to the taste for work and so motivated to eat ice cream how much the father was at their age. It repeats the cycle of life, as years ago, when Father Manuel left valuable advice to the son, who became the mission and motto of the whole family - 'This is not just putting the right ingredients! We have to put passion. 'And so it is, the story of a family that turns love into ice cream.