Memórias da Ria
— since 2010 —


Being the maximum customer satisfaction, the Douro Up offers a wide range of services in the tourism and catering area, with the partnership of quality restaurants like Chez Lapin, located in the middle of Ribeira Porto, and Vitorino and Downing Street.

With regard to tourism services, the company currently has six vessels inspired by Rabelo, formerly used in the transport of traditional Port. Still being representative of recognized international brand City Sightseeing, the company operates with panoramic buses in six cities, including Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, Funchal, Albufeira and Sintra.

Given its policy-oriented investment and growth, the company turned its focus to Aveiro, the city known as the “Venice of Portugal” and its characteristic boats – the Moliceiros.

Thus arose the idea of holding cruises in the Ria de Aveiro, so in August 2010 born the ” Memórias da Ria “, a company that belongs to the group Douro Up.

Once acquired three Moliceiros and recovered the ‘S.Roque’, the” Lady of the Sands ‘and’ Faquim »begin to navigate the Ria de Aveiro. Realised cruises can be pre-set or adjusted to customer needs.

Visitors have access to a variety of special programs, including for example the tasting-soft eggs, typical sweet of Aveiro, or visit one of the salt in the area. Customers can also choose to perform a cruise night or long distance.

In an attempt to revive the traditions as well as to stimulate the city’s tourism and the region, the Ria Memories seeks to preserve the most characteristic elements of Aveiro.