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Maria Amélia
— since 2014 —

Many stores seek to create an environment where the customer can identify himself with, but in Aveiro, Maria Amélia, in store 28 of Centro Avenida, is a perfect reflection of its clientele. Ana Lousada, the owner, describes this project as a four-year-old girl, neat and full of life, that brings to the city of Moliceiros, clothes for children up to 16 years.

Ana did not anticipate street commerce in her life. She has a degree in marketing and worked in Lisbon at the beginning of her career. For about 14 years, she has dedicated herself to digital marketing, online advertising and television production. Life, however, always has a few surprises in store. For family-related reasons, Ana had to return to Aveiro, her native land. On the other hand, she had just been a mother and wanted to spend more time with her daughter, Amelia. In this way, she had to bet on another area and impelled by the beauty and emotion of motherhood, decided to bet on children's clothing.

It was a substantial leap, but thanks to her marketing experience, as well as customer feedback, she found out the best brands and trends. The initial concept of the store, which remains to this day, was, however, an idea developed initially with his sister, based on their own personal preferences. Maria Amelia is, above all, a store that prolongs that period so fleeting in our lives, our childhood. In this store, children can still be children, or as Ana, with a smile puts it, 'little princesses'. On the shelves and in the storefront, dresses, socks by the knee, shoes that invite playfulness, look almost as if they’re smiling at us. Almost all the pieces have some sort of treat: some frills here, a lace there, a honeycomb ... Boys also aren’t forgotten as well, and can always find shorts, shirts and shoes for various occasions.

The lighting and neatness of the store are in tune with the passion that Ana has for the business. She masterfully created the decor and the logo of the store, choosing white as the perfect canvas to highlight the colors of the pieces on display. Those who love their children can count on quality Iberian brands such as Mania do Pé, Meia-Pata, Patrícia Mendiluce, Eve Children, Dolce Petit, Miranda and Play-up. Ana reveals that a growing problem in the young ages is related to atopic skin and many of these brands are careful with the materials they use, replacing artificial fabrics with aggressive chemicals, by 100% cotton or organic cotton fabrics. Parents are grateful for this concern, and they provide Ana with pics of their children’s new clothes.

Our entrepreneur has not neglected the new technologies as well. Her facebook page is visited by customers from various corners of Portugal, as well as customers from other european countries. Upon request, Ana carefully sends measures of sleeves, insoles, among other things, for a more appropriate choice.

Maria Amelia was inspired by the name of the niece of Ana and her daughter, respectively, Maria and Amelia. The store is located in a privileged commercial space, which functions almost like a street between two points of passage of the city and is sheltered, which makes the visits in the winter more pleasant.

Each child should enjoy childhood, without the need to grow up in a hurry. Visit us, bring your child, and choose calmly!  
Maria Amélia