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Mãos Sábias
— since 2018 —

For many of us, living is sharing, it’s disseminating knowledge that can be used by everyone. People with this predisposition always try to do it, even when life reserves for them some surprises, as it reserved Susana da Conceição Neves, owner of the Mãos Sábias (Wise Hands), previously located in R. Eça de Queiroz 66 and now at Rua São Sebastião 94. Her calm and serene posture found a perfect echo in primary education, a role she played for several years, until the distant placements were felt. On the other hand, her tiny daughters were growing far from their mother, by means of unavoidable schedules and commutations. Susana decided, therefore, to dedicate herself to craftsmanship, an art that she always loved, and that allowed her to be with her girls and find a new way of life.

The brand began in Bustos when Susana still taught primary education. Years later, however, she decided to devote herself full time to the business and for that, she decided to open another store, this time, in a more dynamic location. The solution was not hard: her everyday customers, some of them from Aveiro, had suggested the seaside town precisely to expand her activity, an attitude that says a lot about the friendliness and quality of service that this entrepreneur has always ensured. Aveiro was then the chosen city to receive the mastery of Susana. She began by marketing threads and some craftsmanship produced by her, but has now extended her offer to include pajamas, bathing suits and home textiles, in an attempt to go on probing Aveiro’s preferences.

The most visible offer in the store lies in the patchwork, made by hand or machine, which joins several pieces of fabric to create a colorful and original textile miscellany. To make the technique known, as well as brighten the city, Susana is trying to get permission to embellish with patchwork, the much overlooked Fountain of the Cinco Bicas, the city's once bustling center, and in general, revitalize an abandoned area.
The store also sells craftsmanship accessories, which, along with Tardes de Partilha (Sharing Afternoons) on Saturday, complete the offer of everything you need to let your imagination soar. For those who do not know them, Sharing Afternoons consist of free workshops, where a brand representative (from a brand marketed in Mãos Sábias) or people Susana trust in, are available to share techniques and designs, making the store a place of pleasant learning and creation, for those who desire it.

The establishment seems like a holy grail for those who like to do their own things, always supported by the didactic component and quality of materials sold.
Even the tourists, who typically circulate more in the city center, can not resist the beauty
of the patterns, the lightness of the fabric ...

We end with a note: for knitting, crochet or patchwork, visit the store, because Susan's Hands are truly wise.  
Mãos Sábias