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Licor de Aveiro
— since 2015 —

Ana Martins stired the thick mixture dancing in the pan. She called Rui Martins, her husband, to take care of the pan because she had to bottle the rest of the stock, since customers of the kiosk located on Viana do Castelo street were waiting for the famous Licor de Aveiro. Rui was looking for some ingredients, distracted. Sometimes what we need is right next to us and we don’t even realize it. He remembered how it all began, when he was a little running up and down the stairs, with the scent of aguardente bagaçeira in the corridor of the building anticipating the famous bowl liquor (licor de alguidar). He remembered the stories the ladies told about this nectar while they did it, especially the one about the neighbor's widow who recalled her husband's departure for war, and how she offered him a glass of liquor for him to gain courage. There were hurt feelings between them, but one should not go to war with a heavy heart, hence the gesture, a little annoyed, hurt but also affectionate, full of hope. The end of the story always got Rui teary-eyed: the man would return from the war and reconcile with his wife with a hug and a whispered phrase: 'Sometimes what we need is right next to us and we do not even realize it'.

Rui continued to stir the liquor after a pause to bite into his wife's almond cake, the first product they ventured to market. In fact, the idea of ​​accompanying a slice of cake with a thimble of liquor had been good, because the two would fall even well together. Licor de alguidar - the inspiration of Liqueur from Aveiro - was and is much sought after at the São Gonçalinho festivities, but the couple's dream is more ambitious. They want to make known the fruit of their efforts to the rest of the world. The commercialization of the brand had excellent acceptance in the establishments of Aveiro, however, the reputation across borders is also assured.

Aveiro liqueur already has the first and second place in the XVIII Tasting Contest PRODEXPO in Moscow. The couple considered the possibility of industrializing the production to ensure more stock, however, after several blind tests in which the choice fell on the beverage produced in a handmade way, Rui stuck his foot and insisted on the traditional production.

The name is due to the origin of the recipe, the city of Aveiro, and the drink comes in three flavors, all of them appetizing: tangerine, mint and strawberry, the latter being the latest addition to the family, the fruit of much experimentation.
Our story ends because Ana returns home and there are many things to do. It expresses some concerns about the future while scouring invoices. Rui still stirring the pot, looks calmly at his wife and responds with a smile: 'Do not worry too much about what is far away. Sometimes what we need is right next to us and we do not even realize it'.  
Licor de Aveiro