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La Couture
— since 2017 —

On several occasions, life can be defined as cyclic. Liliana Pereira, for example, started by helping her mother, a seamstress by trade, when she was still a child, and nowadays it’s her mother who occasionally helps her with some work at La Couture, the sewing shop Liliana owns.

She has had contact with this world from an early age and the natural willingness and sympathy with which she receives those who enter her store easily reveals that she happily performs this function. She doesn’t shy away from any task. From complex dresses, to pieces with unusual shapes or requirements, or the simple arrangement, everything is solved by her skilled hands. It is also interesting to note that the work that preceded the opening of her establishment brought with it significant experiences for her present profession. In the seven years she worked at Bershka, she deepened her knowledge of fashion and trends. While working for Model’s Factory she has acquired the necessary skills to be herself the model of some pieces that she manufactures. Even her background in sociology gives her a better understanding of her clients.

Liliana, however, continues to expand her knowledge and skills. She attends fashion fairs, makes several formations and immerses himself enthusiastically in the tasks in which she is involved, of which her work for Gretua is an example. She began by doing gel nails for some actors and actresses and nowadays she is the official seamstress of the theatrical group. We mentioned gel nails because aesthetics are also part of our seamstress's interests. In fact, she is already enrolled in Make-up Forever’s course, a Parisian brand, and we anticipate that soon there will be no component of a client's look where Liliana can not do her magic.

She is also thoughtful in her store’s presentation. In a minimalist environment, bathed in a generous light, it is possible to appreciate the minute details placed in each work, in each piece. Liliana makes a point of working in the presence of the passers-by, thanks to the glazed façade, but she does it behind closed doors, in order to create a more welcoming and intimate atmosphere. The artifacts that refer to the antiquity of the profession - such as a pedal sewing machine - are both a gracious homage and a memory of Liliana's childhood - something she likes to do having kept some of her early works.

When she has the time to do so, she enjoy immersing herrself in the social networks and exchanging impressions with other professionals. And of course, she can’t help but feel proud when she sees clients sharing photos with happy faces, bearing the fruit of her work. It shows, however, that the dissemination of her store still works a lot by simple referencing, word of mouth, dedication and quality work.

La Couture is located in Dr. Alberto Souto square, nº 42, next to the house of Seixal, an old manor house, built in the XVII century by the Picado family. If you pass by this street, you will certainly see Liliana sewing, needle-in-hand and always with a smile. Because as she says, this is a work that flows naturally and you don’t get tired doing something you love!  
La Couture