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— Since 1995 —

Between sweat and ragged breaths, two teenagers trade low kicks and jabs. In their minds they define combat techniques and reactions, but also the possibility of having a more appropriate space to train. This was the beginning of Knockout in Aveiro. Raul Lemos and Mario Neves were far from imagining what the future held for them ...

On May 1, 1995, Raul and Mario moved the idea forward. They formed a society and founded, at Street Direita de Aradas No. 22, Knockout (later known as Knockout Health Club). Although the business has expanded its area of ​​expertise, especially with regards to health, the name of the brand will forever remind the two partners how it all began. With kickboxing training and the most anticipated result for any combat sports lover: the explosive K.O. (knockout).

The gym opened doors only with Raul and Mario. Today, knockout's team is fairly numerous, almost like a family. However, Raul prefers to call 'family' not only to the staff, but also to his clientele. Maybe that's what makes the difference: the relationship of friendship and trust that accompanies each marathon runner, each future champion, each individual who seeks to improve his health. It’s not surprising, therefore, that some people are part of this family, since the business opened.

In 2015, the second gymnasium, called Power Center, was created and in 2017, the physiotherapy office, both on Vilar Road, 30B. The diversification of the brand is based on a multidisciplinary team (physical exercise professionals, nutritionists and physiotherapists), high quality facilities and a growing focus on health and quality of life. Among the facilities and spaces available are a heated pool with hydrorider bikes, a mega-jacuzzi, a physiotherapy office, separate Turkish baths for men and women, indoor space and pool with children's toys and three large studios for the more 100 weekly group lessons. Of course, all training can be accompanied by personal trainers.

This differentiated offer results in an eclectic audience ranging from six months to 80 years. There aren’t many who are indifferent to the dynamics that this business, born of a passion, brought to the city of salineiros. A true KO to sedentarism and all the problems that it entails.
Come discover a new way of life and join this great family. Your health will appreciate it.  
Knock-Out Health Club