— since 2012 —

ID-identidadedigital · AVEIRONOSSO

In the Dr. Mário Sacramento Street, nº59 A, in front of the city’s old Fire Department, we find the ID-Identidadedigital copy center, a modern space that establishes a close relationship and offers the best affordable quality to Aveiro’s community.

Behind the counter we find manager Pedro Silva, born and raised in Esgueira, Aveiro. For nine years he has worked in copy centers and in August 2012, disappointed with his work and late wages, he decided to leave that job and create his own business. The chosen venue was an old sewing workshop with a space which at the time seemed excessive and nowadays seems to be small for a business that saw its clientele quadruple in only two years.! Having chosen the location, it was necessary to purchase the equipment. The initial bet was clear and immediate: quality. In Peso-da-Régua, Pedro found the plotter that was going to meet his vision for the future of ID-Identidadedigital. “It couldn’t be otherwise,” he confessed to Comércio Nosso, “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!”

All the Design students of University of Aveiro can confirm they only rely on ID-Identidade Digital for the delivery of their work and projects. Their superior quality of paper and ink combined with Pedro’s experience in graphic arts gives ID-Identidade Digital a unique identity that doesn’t go by unnoticed by Aveiro’s Design professionals.

But it’s not only in the print quality that ID-Identidadedigital stands apart. Two other factors have impact on customer choice. The first relates to the unique approach of Pedro Silva for each job, the second with cost control. In  ID-Identidadedigital you’ll always find the best solution to your problem and a special attention to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Currently ID-Identidadedigital’s space is a already well-known landmark of the city and supports various sports, cultural and academic associations. Dozens, if not hundreds of students and businessmen, among many other customers pass through its doors everyday, generally attracted by the shop’s custom service, print quality and values that reflect Pedro Silva’s vision for ID-Identidadedigital: empathy, honesty and professionalism!