— since 2009 —


It’s like being at home, with no hurry”. This is a promise often made but rarely fulfilled by the catering industry. But when it’s a life motto and, above all, lived by someone who one day decided that he wanted to move from customer to owner, it was to be taken seriously and in committed fashion! “To enjoy the best in life. Without hurry. In good company.” That’s GIZ food & drinks’ motto. No false questions or vain promises. It’s just how it is!

Their story clearly exemplifies that nothing appears by chance. Four longtime friends – Paula Hipólito and Jorge Carvalho; Juliana Marques and Paulo Costa; Carla Pinheiro and Miguel Marques; Luci Matos and Paulo Matos – spent some time in the restaurant that since 2009 was called Giz Food & Drinks (former Travessa do Peixinho) and here they liked to stay, in joyous meeting and conversation. Food and drinks were good and the company was perfect.

When they were challenged to take over the space, they did not hesitate. Since then, memories have multiplied, and many of the space’s decoration pieces came from the owners houses, each one of them telling stories of each family and childhood memories that make us smile. The concept of being “like you’re at home” really makes sense again, doesn’t it?

Reviews spread by social networks and tripadvisor can be read because they reflect sincere and honest opinions. And they show their strengths in a translucent way. The daily meals are rich and accessible to all, the “tapas” are an approved and proven specialty and the desserts leave you wanting for more and more. Without looking at fitness or calories, as we do when we are at home, between friends and two fingers of conversation.

The connection to art is also intrinsic. It is part of an intimate connection. At the beginning of the summer of 2017 there was memory, respect and culture in a tribute to painter José Monteiro, a friend of Giz Food & Drinks, meanwhile deceased. In this space you can witness musical events, stand up comedy and book launches among other ludic moments. Because right inside our house are the ones we like and those that do us good, right?