Croissanteria Oita
— since 1984 —

The 80s were a time of great change, when anything seemed possible: Portuguese rock was born, ATM payments emerged, Portugal entered the CEE and shopping centers sprout up like wild mushrooms.

In Aveiro, the Oita shopping center was born, paying tribute to our small geminated city in japan. In 1984 the first floor of Oita would witness the dawn of a croissant shop that was soon to become the meeting point for a whole generation.

The history of Oita’s croissant shop is deeply rooted in the very history of the shopping center itself, as part of the frenzy that echoed through the streets of the city back then.

Born from the will and knowledge of Mrs. Exalgina and Mr. Gaspar, who put absolute dedication and commitment in what they did, Croissanteria Oita became a landmark in Aveiro and a daily habit for its inhabitants, who grew progressively fond of its croissants for breakfast, after cinema or within a shopping afternoon.

The shop closed its doors in 2000 and 17 years went by until Croissanteria Oita spawned from the ashes. Within its first 24 hours of existence, the shop’s Facebook page accumulated over 5000 likes, which anticipated an impressive come back with Anabela exceeding the wildest expectations.

“It had to be here.” — answered Anabela Brandão when we questioned her about the decision of opening the shop in the same location where its predecessor once stood. With renewed image and revitalized by the fresh blood that runs though its veins, Croissanteria Oita is back to spreading magic and that same aroma which once occupied the avenue, warming up the hearts of passersby: an invitation to come inside and travel in time, throughout the memories of Aveiro’s best ever croissant shop.