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— since 2017 —

In Aveiro, at street nº. 15 of Engenheiro Oudinot is Confetti, a store that promises to bring a touch of magic and charm to those special days. Tatiana Alcobia, the owner, has a fantastic ability to idealize a thematic scenario and simply make it a reality.

Years ago, no one would guess that she would get involved in this business. After an academic course in a completely different area and a period without work prospects, she now states that he is happy filling balloons. Born in Oliveira do Bairro, it was when she was at home, with no prospect of work, that she began to outline an idea that was already put into practice in a casual way: the preparation of theme parties for family and friends.

On 15 July, Confetti opened, the place where the dreams of a perfect day for many children (and some adults) come true. In the store are the most varied decorations and accessories, so that any parent or friend can organize a large event, but the great appeal lies in the possibility of requesting the services of Tatiana so that she can picture the ideal scenario or theme, through a series of questions that establishes preferences. Tatiana has already organized a number of parties, including Minnie, pirates, jungle, vintage circus, ballet, angels and princesses, of which the latter two are more common in baptism parties. After the suggestion of the theme by the client and some notes that prove indispensable to it, the party is planned in secret, in order to achieve a surprise effect. Party planning is based on the Sweet Table concept. A cake theme table that includes cake and all the sweets that can complement it and the theme, such as cupcakes, cakepops, decorated wafers, individual desserts, brigadeiros, macarrons and a whole sweet world that 0can de added.

The essential complements to all the party decorations are guaranteed through a network of partnerships that Tatiana captivated with its dynamic and playful spirit. They are already friends as far as she’s concerned, as well as colleagues of trade, and with the guidance of Tatiana they guarantee a memorable event. In fact, given the unsurpassed optimism that characterizes her, there are no deadlines or unattainable goals. When there is something unforeseen she always has a plan B ready to put into practice. Only time restricts her a little, since she has to leave the store at various times to organize parties.

The establishment opened in 2017 and during this time all the parties organized by her or to which she contribute through the articles of her store are unique and cause for enrichment, whether professional or personal, considering the people she meets and who end up exchanging good and special moments. In the store, she makes available a series of reference marks for festive themes and reveals a particular affection for the Merry Merry brand, as it was one of the inspirations for her chosen trade. In the space there is also a little corner dedicated to gifts that includes wooden toys, children's decoration articles and others dedicated to more little ones.

Tatiana always does a research on the net to idealize a party, an she always gives it her personal touch. In this shop, you can be sure that your party will be unique and memorable. Come surprise your children or rediscover your inner child at Confetti.