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Bernardete & Dina
— since 2003 —

In 1967, on the first floor of door 29 of Rua José Estêvão, opened for the first time the doors of one of the most mythical halls of Aveiro, the famous Salon Jean, of Hairdresser António Gaspar, also known as Toneca. During the four decades in which it maintained activity, the hall revolutionized the look of the locals and built a prestigious name in the region associated to the avant-garde, the personalization and excellence in the service, accompanying several generations, many changes and renewing each year the range of stylistic variants of the School of Paris, going through the various social and cultural transformations that mirror the second half of the twentieth century.
In 1982, Bernardete joined the team, she was 15 years old and had a life mission - to become a hairdresser. As any apprentice she started from bottom, to serve, in a course that would take ten years to complete, as it was the norm at the time. On her first day she swept hair, in the second and third as well. Only months later she would be given the first major test, head washing, followed successively, step by step, by coloring, curling, strands and brushing, until she reached the haircut. In the year she completed her training, we were in 1992, she met Dina, a young hairdresser's apprentice, and she, like herself, began her first day of work at the age of 15. Over the years that followed, under the tutelage of Antonio and his wife Cecília, they matured, became great friends and excellent hairdressers. In 2003, Mr. Toneca proposed the trespass of the Salon to Bernardete, which in turn invited Dina to become a partner. This gave rise to a testimony of the know-how accumulated over decades by the dedicated pupils.
On November 31, 2011, after 36 years of activity, the Salon Jean closed its doors and the next day was inaugurated Bernardete & Dina, a few meters away, in Rua José Estêvão, nº44 in a building recognized as a municipal patrimony, where was the old furniture store Móveis Velhinho. The change of name was necessary to avoid confusion, despite but the desire of both to maintain it. The solution was to refer to the term 'by JEAN' next to the new brand, in 'way of deserved homage' as the two friends tell us.
Today, the Bernardete & Dina Salon offers a wide range of services for body and hair — depilations, face and body treatments, manicure, pedicure, gel nails, gel varnish, extensions, balayage or californian locks, blending staining, tone-on-tone oxidation, inoa, discoloration, curl or straightening. A unisex salon with more than ten employees, with no male elements because … it 'has not.' They close on Sundays and Mondays, but they remain open until 7:00 pm on December 31, no matter the which day of the week. In short, an heirloom of a tradition very present in the heart of Aveiro, where values ​​are carried out in all the gestures, well evident in the 'respect given to the person's taste, to his privacy and secrecy' kept abreast with the avant-garde vision and family of his friend Toneca, now and as always, to the friends of the house.
Bernardete & Dina