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Barba Azul
— since 2015 —

Zé Pedro and António Pedro Gaioso have known each other since the age of 13. Their childhood was spent either in each other’s houses, in basketball practice or on the waves of Praia da Barra to surf. Even when Zé went to Porto to study Design while Pedro remained in Aveiro, in the course of Administration and Management, the two friends always maintained contact.

Shortly after finishing his studies, Zé became involved with the art of making sushi and after two years at the helm of a project, which began as sushi home delivery, and culminated in the opening of his first restaurant. Subsequently, he decided with the knowledge and experience developed, to embark on a new adventure where creativity, diversity and personality in each dish developed privileged the proximity to the customer.

It is in this context that, willing to share this new phase, he invites his long-time friend António to participate in this endeavour and help materialize the concept. The choice for a commercial space fell on a place shared since childhood: Barra. Due to the seasonality of this beach area, some friends and acquaintances alerted them to the impracticability of the business. Both Antonio and Zé knew, however, that with dedication and quality service it would be possible to do so.

With these maxims they inaugurated Barba Azul on June 25, 2015, at 168 Fernão de Magalhães Avenue, which had once been a restaurant. Initially, the establishment operated only on take-away capacity, but with the high turnout provided by the high season, Barba Azul became the restaurant that had originally been planned, after only two weeks. The duo of entrepreneurs even decided not to close doors in the low season. The reason was simple: they did not want people to lose the habit of coming to the restaurant, which seemed like a wise choice, since nowadays the loyal clientele is already quite numerous and comes from several areas of the district of Aveiro. This result was, moreover, what the two friends always set out to achieve: the creation of a pleasant and intimate space with a high standard of quality that would captivate the customer immediately after the first strip of salmon.

The name Barba Azul (Bluebeard) invokes a pirate who brings us the spoils of our Portuguese coast and many of them arrive fresh there, from Barra beach. Sushi is a dish typically a bit more expensive than the others, but here too Zé and António thought of accessibility by creating daily menus based on the Barba Azul menu.

In addition to the color and texture of the various delicacies that can be proven here, Zé advocates the genuine and smooth taste of raw fish, as well as the variety of preparations that invites tasting. Antonio finishes saying that it is a light and complete meal. In fact, our culture seems to appreciate more and more this original preparation of fish, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and omega-3. New generations are more open to innovation and end up sharing their enthusiasm with parents, as well as contributing to the advertisement of Barba Azul through enthusiastic photos of colorful dishes on social networks. Even the street, with good parking options and sheltered from the northeastern winds that often blow over the Barra, seems to facilitate stopping at this restaurant, where the cozy space lends itself to a personalized and attentive service.
Take a stroll to Barra beach and let your meal surprise you at Barba Azul.  
Barba Azul