— since 2014 —


A family understood in the art of good care, before and after, of the most precious moments of our lives. With a legacy passed from mother to children, mentor to pupils, flowers in Edifício Corticeiro, old Pré-Natal, genuine knowledge, built in dedication to the hundreds of mummies, daddies, grandparents and babies who relied on the advice of Ana, John’s tips and Cidália’s experience to secure the future.

A house that grows smiles and whose motto is “be happy” can only have so much love to give. Every day returns the childrens of the past as parents now accompanied by proud grandparents. A life cycle and affection that generates respect, rigor and intimacy that is offered eye to eye with touch.

In short, the Avant & Aprés is a family team dedicated to seek, evaluate and choose the best products from reputable brands such as Bébé Confort, Bébécar or Girandola. From counseling in developmental psychology to baby clothing, small and large childcare. All you need for before and after, served with excellence and care by who best knows for those you love most.