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Artte Consultores
— since 2018 —

Sérgio is an individual of various passions and hobbies. He is a swimming referee, occasionally spends sounds like Portuguese music, 80’s pop-rock, rock, house or tech-house and is an enthusiast of the automotive world’s mechanical wonders. But what might best define him is the natural aptitude for dialogue and mediation of ideas or businesses. Perhaps that is why he performs so spontaneously his present function at Artte Consultores, which he owns. This is a company dedicated to real estate and all kinds of insurances where Sérgio's experience allows him to achieve good business for all parties involved. Nothing gives him more pleasure.

Insurances and real estate brokerage obviously deals with numbers, but this is also a task that lives from dialogue and contact with people, as Sergio refers to in a funny episode. A friend, in informal conversation, mentioned to him an individual who was looking for a new house. Sérgio readily volunteered to get in touch with him and help him. He was contacted later by this same person, who had found the perfect apartment. Sergio called his friend, since he lived in the area in question, and found that the apartment precisely that of his friend.

It’s through dialogue that our entrepreneur likes to start any mediation. The office of Artte Consultores is a pleasant place where people talk freely to those who attend them, without feeling a certain purpose in the whole process, or who are treated as a source of data for a computer. Sérgio absorbs the specifics of each situation and analyzes the needs of his clients, so that he can help them in the best possible way. He doesn’t work, however, alone. He has a team of professionals who embrace this philosophy of dialogue and transparency and dedicate themselves entirely to the client. Of course, sometimes an image says more than a thousand words and with that in mind, Artte Consultores makes available on its website 360º photographs, captured with specialized cameras, that allow a virtual visit to any property. You no longer need to imagine your dream home, you can actually see it.

The combination of insurances and real estate services, together with a strong team, was one of the mottos of the company and the result is excellent. Those who benefit from the services of Artte Consultores can speedily deal with bureaucracies and with that extra effort to relieve buyers and sellers of tasks for which they often do not have the time or availability to take care of. Even the initial obstacles, such as simple location, are easily overcome. Artte Consultores is located in the Meliá building. You can’t go wrong finding it. On the other hand the space draws an interesting parallel with the previous businesses of this place. The offices were formerly occupied by a Von Haff store, while the reception of customers, with a naturally larger number of people circulating, came to replace a space that housed various businesses over time.

Sergio graduated in Commercial Production Management, in Viseu, and began his professional career working in the civil service. A job of acquired rights, as he mentions. He became more ambitious and joined the insurance industry in 2002 as mediator of the former Bonança Empire. In 2005, he began to explore the real estate sphere, but only felt fully realized when creating something in which he could apply all his experience and enthusiasm - Artte Consultores. He can’t see himself doing anything else. And customers do not see themselves buying, selling or leasing without this excellent mediation.
Artte consultores