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Alma de Alecrim
— since 2016 —

Our lives are routes in the sandy beach, with strides extinguished by the wind. But when we truly live, we gain the privilege of memory, we subjugate entropy and the fading time. With pen in hand, or camera lens focused on a point, we perpetuate events in the interminable story that we embody. All of us. Today we tell the story of Filipa Sousa and Pedro Cerqueira, who decided to remember the strides in the sand, she with pen in hand, he with camera lens focused, and create Alma de Alecrim, a project of many facets that culminates in the store located in Rua de Luís Cipriano, nº 25, in Aveiro.

Filipa has spent 15 years in the food industry as a quality manager. Her function’s stress and repetitiveness led her to look for something different. Pedro, a native of Porto, owned in Gaia, a company of digital printing and another of textile printing. They ended up meeting in a photo shoot and shared their many common interests. Their love was born, as well as a need to share what filled their soul: travelling. They created the blog Alma de Alecrim, which not only reported these trips, but also showed the philosophy of life that the two put into practice: 'simple life'. The blog is basically a photographic record, accompanied by writing that speak of places, recipes, dreams ...

Their followers impelled them to turn their project into something physical and to set up the store. In addition to the ‘simplicity’ concept, which was already on their blog, Filipa and Pedro wanted to do something different. Alma de Alecrim therefore offers exclusive products and strives to keep it that way. If many stores market a certain product, they don’t sell it, if something original appears on the market, they seize the opportunity. In fact, Filipa even gets to the lengths of exchanging impressions with the owners of some businesses in the neighborhood, to ensure the exclusivity of products of each house.

But what do we find on the shelves of Alma de Alecrim, anyway? Home decor, everyday objects, textiles, necklaces, sketchbooks, things to make your day happier, more colorful. But not everything here has a label. It just so happens that part of the simple life that the couple advocates, involves avoiding the consumerism and for this they organize a series of workshops, in which the simple exchange of knowledge is its own payment. From workshops in watercolors, to origamis, creative writing and collages, much has been taught and learned in this space. FUture-wise there are Portuguese and Japanese bookbinding workshops planned, as well as editions of workshops that were a success and many new surprises. Bookcrossing, an initiative that allows the free exchange of books, is yet another aspect of this way of life. Lastly, Alma de Alecrim also has some services, such as: website development, logos, photo printing, outdoor photo shoots for families, couples, or simply for those in love, always relaxed and natural. For the adepts of online purchases the brand also has an online store.

The place where the store is a bit separated from the bustling city center, but this doesn’t frighten the couple, quite the contrary, since Filipa and Pedro value the usual customers and not those who only visit the store once. Still, many of the customers are Nordic tourists who understand the philosophy of the store well. On the other hand, this quiet place offers some relaxed moments, of which a father who simply lay on the floor of the store playing with his son is a perfect example.

Filipa’s writing is the Soul of the project, while the Rosemary (Alecrim) represents the Peter’s energy. This is a synergy that blossomed in a store that is worth visiting ... and remember.  
Alma de Alecrim