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A Nossa Quinta
— since 2018 —

The alcohol burns almost invisibly in the lacquered griller. The chouriço ​​leaves a few drops of fat that stir the flame and the wire that ties the traditional stuffed meat gets slightly scorched. A glass of wine is filled. It's another well-made delicacy at Nossa Quinta, in Aveiro.

This is a business that comes to us from Celorico de Basto and the story itself begins with Maria Olivia, a lady born and bred in the capital of queijo da serra that began her professional career as a seamstress. Her husband was engaged in buying and selling sheep. It was an occupation that, moreover, his whole family knew well. Belonging to the family was the 42 acres Quinta Santo António do Rio, full of vineyards, olive groves and a verdant eden for grazing animals, especially for the sheep of the bordaleira breed.

When 22 years ago the farm was passed on to the next generation, the houses of the property were rebuilt and a restaurant was created, in order to open the doors to agrotourism. It was here that the family began to perfect the art of good service that is perpetuated in Nossa Quinta, Aveiro: lamb of bordaleira breed, cod, veal, potato à murro and migas are some of the delicacies that can be found here, and many of the dishes are cooked in a wood oven. For those who do not appreciate lamb, remember that the secret lies in the confection and selection of the animal. The Nossa Quinta has a good command of the subject, having already won the 1st Prize of Borrego do Douro in 2015. Maria Olivia has many people who currently take care of the kitchen but still can not keep her hands away from the pots. The result of many years of willful cooking...

In view of the success of the establishment, and considering that part of the family had moved to Aveiro, the possibility of bringing the typical gastronomy of Beira to the city of salineiros - specifically for the Rua Conselheiro Luís de Magalhães, nº44, where previously there was a house of milkshakes - was discussed in April 2017. The new establishment, however, would take on the facet of the typical Beira wine cellar, devoting itself more to snacks: bread, stuffed meats, ham sandwich with queijo da serra... The greediest palates may also find delight in the end of the meal, with, for example, curd with pumpkin jam or Ovar bread. Recently, Nossa Quinta has also established a partnership with Lovecraft Beershop to bring their customers the pleasure of discovering handcrafted beer - which, incidentally, goes very well with a ham sandwich! - and perfectly complements the Douro, Dão and Alentejo wine list.
At Nossa Quinta the objective is to make each person feel at home and have the experience make you want to come back. This is, after all a farm that belongs to everyone and it is the house that we all return to.  
A Nossa Quinta