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Famous century pastry. Pastelaria Ramos is a landmark in the city
with a great story to tell. Delightfull specialities you don’t want to miss.

Casa centenária de grande fama
Um marco da cidade com muita história
Deliciosas especialidades que não deixam ninguém indiferente


Pastelaria Ramos’s story

Rua Dr. Lourenço Peixinho, nº86. There are some establishments that are easily confused with the history of their cities, the “Ramos” is one of those places. Founded on March 30, 1929, in its current premises in the Avenida Lourenço Peixinho, this pastry shop, one of the symbols of Aveiro, was founded by Anibal Ramos, who held it until 1990. Until Vítor Carvalho, its current owner arrived, the shop also had another owner, but the year 2010 marked a turning point towards modern times. However, it always managed to stay ”rooted in tradition and values”.

Entering “Ramos” is a temptation. One of those that takes a very high cost and tremendous clarity of mind to resist another sweet and soft ”sin”. As soon as anyone opens its doors, the storefront appears as a total wonder to the visitor, even to those are daily and frequent customers, and then everyone is faced with the same the question: what to take? Where will I travel today on the realm of imagination sprinkled with unique flavors?

One of these unique flavors and one that certainly few have not tasted is the popular is “cartucho”. A common cake nowadays, but one that was born “in the art and mind” of this pastry shop’s unparalleled confectioners. A treat that was for many years sold only within Victor Carvalho’s space, since it was patented and prevented from being produced and sold in any other pastries. Other specific delicacies are the caramel and whipped cream “éclairs” and while not original, their flavor has been enhanced all throughout the years. You have to taste it to realize that.

For Vitor Carvalho the opportunity to acquire “Ramos” was a kind of “el dorado” to the seasoned shopkeeper, who did not let the possibility escape. Today, and with inside knowledge, he realizes that the reasons for the shop’s success were due to ”generations of confectioners, from father to son, traditional recipes, employees with more than 40 years of service and above all the utmost dedication”, still giving as an example the fact that the store has “two employees full time just making Ovos Moles, complying with all the rules of their original recipe”.




Av. Dr. Lourenço Peixinho, nº86
3800-159 Aveiro, Portugal

Telephone: 234 423 289


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