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Among salt ponds and gleaming facades stands a famous house,
of great name and taste, leaning over Aveiro’s ria and lightly touching the city’s moliceiros.
Maré Cheia! A unique seafood restaurant that enchants with freshness, flavors and exceptional service.

Por entre salinas e fachadas reluzentes encontra-se uma casa famosa,
de grande nome e palato, encostado à ria na escuma dos moliceiros.
Maré Cheia! Uma marisqueira única que encanta com a frescura, os sabores e o excecional atendimento.


Maré Cheia’s story

In “Maré Cheia“ only one thing rivals the best fresh fish and seafood: the photos of all the “famous” people, immortalized and recorded to posterity, who already ate in this restaurant located on the José Rabumba street. Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, as well as the actor Joaquim de Oliveira, Maestro Vitorino de Almeida or the popular singer André Sardet are some of the names who passed through the restaurant and Daniel Gomes, one of the founding members of “Maré Cheia” does not hide his pride and, strangely, the secret of all its success.

“Our trio of chefs is the reason for our success. Chef Costa who opened this seafood restaurant 15 years ago and brought all the experience and all the knowledge that made us be known, then Chef Miriam, who step by step collected all his knowledge, and Chef Richard Silver, who grills fish like no one. This triumvirate combined with a service we intend to be of excellence is what brings a lot of well known people everyday!”

In addition to a grilled fish accompanied by sea rice and migas crumbs, what other specialties can you eat in the “Mare Cheia”? Eel stew, various other stews and seafood dishes that will leave you wanting more … “we assure everyone that all fish and seafood are fresh. In fact, you’ll realize that after you look at all the seafood at our window. It’s all done by the best professionals and that is what makes the difference. If you ask in Aveiro where you can eat the best fish, hardly the answer will not be in “Maré Cheia”. It is this responsibility that motivates us.”




Rua José Rabumba nº 8 e 12
3800 Aveiro, Portugal

Telephone: 234 384 030


MON – TUE – 12H00-22H30

THU – SUN – 12H00-22H30