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Farmácia Nova Story

When in 2007 the Farmácia Nova opened doors on the 131 of Rua Dr. Mário Sacramento, no one could predict what impact it would have on the community. An innovative health area that is now under the tutelage of Dr. João Bastos, of an attentive and communicative nature, grown and studied in the reality of the pharmacy, who is given the continuity of the family business, whose origins date back to 1915.

It was his grandfather, António Tavares de Bastos, who, at the age of nine, started to produce the creams and balsams handled in the Apothecary of Vale de Cambra. He was an exceptional, self-taught man who exercised the values of old-days work. The recognition of his effort was such that the owners of the apothecary yielded to him the management. Years later, he would open the Pharmacy Nova in Sangalhos, municipality of Anadia, passing testimony to his son Fernando who would give the decisive impulse in the business that has nowadays strong presence in the city of Aveiro.
With a team of six health professionals, the Farmácia Nova is reborn in Aveiro keeping up the family legacy and establishing an innovative offer. Following Dr. João’s vision of the role of the pharmacy in the community of Aveiro, the pharmacy allies the excellence in human care allied to a well defined and organized space, combining the best of two worlds. The well-being of the traditional apothecary with the new pharmaceutical services of the 18th century.




Rua do Gravito 5
3800-196 Aveiro, Portugal

Telephone: +351 234 422 236


MON – FRI – 07H00 – 21H00

SAT – 07H00 – 20H00

SUNDAY & HOL – 07H00 – 13H00