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A Portuguese house with all the confidence of the national production


A Desconfiada Story

Ana Guimaraes might have an untrusting streak, but it’s the firmness of her personality and attachment for Aveiro that shows in the good name of her store. It was her eldest who baptized the place, when she, in a carefree manner, created the motto that her mother was a tad wary (desconfiada). All said and done, it took no more than two months to, in July 15th 2016, turn a new page and switch language teaching for commerce, with a store concept focused on the customer of aveiro and a repertoire of portuguese brands of the highest quality, which delights those who value the best we have.

In the street José Estevão nº17, unexpected objects of portuguese creation and making wander about. We find the fun brand ARCHIVO VINTAGE with the t-shirts MACAL, CASAL, ZUNDAPP, next to the eccentric OLIVA or LANOL aprons, tiles and roosters made out of black ceramic, beach towels with beautiful patterns, without ever forgetting the soft and perfumed soaps. Artifacts that charm us and fill us with pride, wrapped up in Ana’s smile, that leaves no one indifferent or wary.
To this young entrepreneur, it’s worth investing on portuguese production and provide visibility to the small creator and the national producer as a way to revitalize the economy and the nation’s pride. In her mind concerns boil about the excessive carbon footprint, a result of the necessary logistics of international trade. A Desconfiada is, for all intents and purposes, a store where one can buy with a clean consciousness, since all products are portuguese, a fact that frequently surprises the customers in a pleasant way.
This colorful establishment’s relatively short journey has done enough to create empathic relationships with shopkeepers – which, according to Ana, share a friendly complicity – or with the customers that, either visit the space, their curiosity spiked, or return with a smile on their lips. Ironically enough, some passers-by visit the store because they are wary of the name.

The store’s projection has been achieved by customer’s word of mouth, becoming known by having a great variety of useful souvenirs and accessories, that with their bright colors and minute textures, grant passage out of the A Desconfiada.
A special mention to the exotic bicycle, built out of noble woods by Ana’s husband, António Rocha, that immediately brightens the store’s entrance. A unique piece that demonstrates the genius and dedication found on portuguese people. A piece that perfectly represents this inebriant establishment’s uniqueness, that has already spread among the populace, and of which we are unconditional fans.




Rua José Estevão, nº 17
3800-158 Aveiro, Portugal

Email: adesconfiada.aveiro@gmail.com

Telephone: +351 234 426 561


MON-WED-THU-FRI – 10H00-13H00 / 14H30-19H00
TUE – 10H00-13H00
SAT – 10H30-13H00 / 15H00-18H00