Cabeleireiros Grupo Y
— since 1994 —

We were in the 90s in Paris, and as the French's full-bodied hairs and perms gained more adept, democracies were also gaining traction. Rosalina Maria Moreno Pereira finished her training in the prestigious Grupo Y, which in 1990 had already begun to expand its influence, with the opening of a salon in Tokyo. Young Rosalina could not have found a better place to learn the art, which she wanted to practice from a very young age, since nowadays the Grupo Y has 49 salons spread around the world and form highly recognized professionals in the area.

When the homesickness gripped the hearts of the parents (both Portuguese), her family returned to Portugal. Rosalina was 20 years old. They finally settled in Aveiro, halfway between Bragança and Alentejo, their original lands, and the presence of friends helped them to choose this sunny town.
Full of grit and anxious to get started, Rosalina opens her first salon on Mário Sacramento Street. Although the business had taken off, Rosalina was not entirely convinced. It seemed to her that the first floor on which it was located wouldn’t benefit such an establishment.
After some searching, she finally found a newly built building on Guilherme Gomes Fernandes street. She set up her salon in No. 1 and conceived a very clear idea in her mind: the salon’s front would be completely made of glass. At first she became aware of some apprehension on the part of the clientele, who felt a little 'vulnerable' or 'exposed', however, just as a hairdryer molds hair, the winds of change also drove hair salons into this new paradigm. In fact, Rosalina was a pioneer in operating this change of mentalities and nowadays the visible interior of the group Y, with its pleasant natural light, is the norm and not the exception.

The name Grupo Y is a tribute to its formation and is at the same time with pride that it enumerates the salon of this passionate hairdresser, in its long list.
With business running since 1994, Rosalina knows fashions and trends from start to finish. She tells us that clients tend to be conservative and loyal to her establishment, but also like to bet on bold fashions, if managed by her experienced hands. Shee adds that, through long conversations, she already knows her customers very well, giving the Grupo Y a facet that transposes the simple business.
Rosalina does not simply cut client's hair, she treats them like friends who deserve her attention and dedication.
Nowadays the fashion is not well defined and a bit of everything is used, but this is an establishment that will always remain, with all its pomp and professionalism, in the limelight.  
Grupo Y