Woody’s Aveiro
— since 2018 —

In Aveiro, at nº14 of José Estêvão Street, we find Woody's Aveiro, an establishment that defies the taste buds by meshing café, pastry shop and creperie functions. The brand appears in Aveiro by the entrepreneurship of Pedro and Sílvia, who are from Mogadouro in the district of Bragança. They have known each other since high school and have shared practically every moment of their lives since then. Both studied at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, where Pedro studied Civil Engineering and Sílvia focused her knowledge in Pharmacy. After completing her studies, she worked in a pharmacy, but the 80km daily commute was too exhausting.

The dream of a business and life shared by two ended landed on the city of Aveiro, which, besides being in full growth, pleased them on a personal level. It was for them a city with the perfect balance of development, attractiveness and movement. The question of which business to explore was yet to be decided. Woody's, a Portuguese brand that bet on in-house production, founded in 2013 and whose ex-libris is undoubtedly the waffle, presented itself as a good candidate, but the final decision was to be made by passing the most honest test of all, that of the tasting of the future products to be marketed. The quality of these did not make them hesitate, not even for a second.

After much work in the assembly of the store in José Estevão street, everything went very well and thus our story ends. Not really, because unfortunately reality can be quite unpredictable. In the first week, after the inauguration on October 1, 2018, a storm caused infiltration on the electric panel and forced the establishment to close for a week and a half. However, it would not be a storm that would cool their enthusiasm.

They reopened doors to surprise Aveiro with a truly eclectic offer. On the one hand they have all the delights that Woody's as the main house has improved since 2013: churros, crepes, pancakes, ice cream, smoothies and hot chocolates with many flavors. On the other hand, Sílvia and Pedro decided to add the pastry and coffee shop functions. Croissants are especially appreciated. Remember that one of the concepts of the Woody's brand is the customization of its products, namely with fillings and varied toppings. Well, the two entrepreneurs decided to invest in the same customization for traditional pastries. Sometimes the mixtures are a little eccentric, of which a group of boys, who at Halloween asked for churros with nutella and soft gum toppings, are examples. Some audacity doesn’t hurt ...

Also note that, in addition to the toppings and typical fillings, they offer some novelties, such as homemade jams and regional honey. For lunch, they have recently introduced hot dogs. A little salt to keep all the sweetness in check. In short, this store is a perfect marriage between modernity and tradition that appeals to all palates. The concern with functional design is also well visible in the brand, with sliding packaging to eat without worrying about temperatures or 'accidents'.

The opening of Woody's in Aveiro is recent, but the feedback is very positive, both for the friendliness of service, the quality of the products and the prices practiced. Sylvia and Pedro want a house open to all, that compels the clients to return. CaféNoir, the Portuguese coffee brand, at 60 cents is the perfect example of this philosophy.
Come visit Woody's and let yourself be guided by the imagination of your palate.  
Woody's Aveiro