Tesouros da Ria
— since 2018 —

In today’s complex professional world, we often find ourselves in roles that we simply don’t identify with. But sometimes the problem lies not in the area itself, but in the circumstances. A 'dash' of creativity, a hint of soul, these are perfect ingredients to bring about a new fondness for work.

Inês Bola, a graduate in food engineering, found these ingredients. Her professional career led her to Angolan lands where she remained for a year and a half. In 2014, he returned to Portugal and decided to embark on a different path. She had always had a passion for confectionery, and the shadow of instability that lingered in the professional world in Portugal led her to dedicate herself to cake design. She began by preparing her delights for family and friends, but as the solidity of the structures used in the cakes increased and her modeling expertise conquered impossible forms, she began to idealize hir first brand, Sabor e Arte. In March 2016, she created a physical space for it, at Rua Gil Vicente, nº182 R / C left at Gafanha da Nazaré, where a computer store had been.

On September 22, 2018, Inês decided to complement the 'sweet' with a little 'salty'. Tesouros da Ria is born, an innovative concept that brings you crakers of typical Aveirense seaside’s flavors. There are six varieties that promise to tempt your taste buds: the Varina, with white saltwort and rosemary, the Fisherman with ‘cabelo-de-velha’ and spices, the Cagaréu, with sea lettuce and spices, Ceboleiro, with onion, Marnoto, with salicornia and garlic, and the tricana with ‘botelho-comprido’ seaweed and spices, with all crackers using salt flower in their confection. In addition to the traditional flavors, the imagery that accompanies this product tells a little of Aveiro's history, with figures and places that marked the city and gave it its identity. All this imagery was developed by the designer Tiago Correia, after Inês matured the concept during one year. As for the ingredients, probably some cause astonishment, namely the ‘cabelo-da-velha’ seaweed (also known as ogonori) and the plant white saltwort. This last one grows in the salinas, belongs to the family Chepodiacaae, is designated scientifically by Halimione portulacoides and its juicy and salty leaf can be used in salads or cooked. The seaweed ‘cabelo-da-velha’, belongs to the genus Gracilaria and is a delicacy of soft taste, much used in Japanese, Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine. Curiously it grows right here on our coast.

Aveiro continues to show that it has much to offer, not only to Portugal, but also to the world. Inês created a brand that reveals our history to those who visit us and invites the memory of those who were born on the seaside. Come and taste these crunchy and different treasures in Sabor e Arte!  
Tesouros da Ria