Talho Basílio
— since 1991 —

In Rua Domingos Carrancho, from the homonymous and illustrious local that brought the public illumination to the city in 1845, there is a butcher house that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. A house that passed through several hands before reaching the experienced pulse of Basílio Santos, who at the time, in 1988, had 14 years of experience in the meat business. With only thirteen years old, the young Basilio began to cut meat in the year of the revolution “dos Cravos”. His fighting spirit would take him, seven years later, to the Aveiro-Ílhavo Cooperative's Butcher and another seven to the purchase of the old Talho Vidal owned by José Maria Vidal, who would later change the name to Talho Basílio, in the nº 21 of Rua Domingos Carrancho.
Like any tradicional bouchery, the business is run as a family. In the first and hard months of opening, he had the valuable help of his wife, Mrs. Elsa, who was joined shortly afterwards by the little Gabriel who, at the age of four, participated with pride in the work of the house, cutting sausages. 'It was the only flesh he could not spoil!' tells Mr. Basil with laughs as he remember these days. Meanwhile, the dedicated and expert Jorge Sousa joined, consolidating the highly qualified team that is at the origin of the immaculate reputation of the brand Basílio. Over the years, Gabriel's participation has become increasingly noticeable and necessary, filling the difficulties of updating to new technologies, processes and legislation felt by the family, allowing Mr. Basilio to focus on what he knows best, to serve the best meat to the client.
Today, Talho Basilio responds to the new demands of the market with a service of excellence coupled with the certified quality of the products it exhibits. Fresh meat of Portuguese origin, supplied by the Aveiro Slaughterhouse under the scrutiny of Mr. Basilio who knows from the experience which is the best bovine carcass to be cut and served to the customer. Also to be found in the menu is the traditional seared pork, the Cachena minhota calf or the region's birds from the countryside, with an unmistakable flavor and texture. With fine selection from the producers, Talho Basilio assumes the obligation to serve customers with excellence, fulfilling the legal requirements of hygiene and food safety. Measures of the new times that marry old values, passed down from generation to generation, that make it a home for all, a neighborhood house, anchored at the seaside of Aveiro, where the farewell is said with gratitude and respect 'Thank you for being our customer! '
Talho Basílio