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Tabacaria 3e
— since 2014 —

Paulo Senos, owner of the Tabacaria 3E, located at Rua Doctor Mário Sacramento nº3, is what is usually called a man of the 7 occupations. He called 'home' to Portugal and Venezuela, while doing a little of everything, in a journey marked by the search for a better life for himself and his family. With only three months old, Paulo emigrated with his father, Sérgio Senos, who, with effort and dedication, set up a profitable bakery. Paul grew up with the values ​​of work and honesty, always showing himself available to help his father. Still in Venezuela, he met his future wife, the venezuelan Elizabeth Escalante Correa. However, the desire to return to its origins spoke higher and, with 20 years old he decided to return alone to Portugal. He soon found a stable job at Pavicentro, where he worked for seven years. It was a hard time, financially and emotionally challenging, missing its bride who remained in Venezuela. On vacation he would give 'a little leap' to the other side of the ocean to visit her and ended up officially celebrating his love still separated by distance.

Eventually Elizabeth also came to Portugal. The couple managed to gather some savings and open a bakery, making use of Paul's experience. However, working in a bakery is not the same as managing it and soon the bureaucracy, as well as the need for increased investment, damaged the deal. In Paul's words: 'a company is set up and the next day it is bankrupt'. The closing of the establishment was inevitable and left the couple in a very precarious situation. Nevertheless, Paulo didn't give up: he went to work for the Jumbo gas pumps, collecting razor clam and installing antennas and security systems. In the mean time, the family had grown up with the blessing of two little girls who, between school, ballet and the usual care, left the couple with little time to be with them at leisure.

Paul and Elizabeth reevaluated their lives, because after all, life without family is not life at all and both concluded that their own business would be the best solution to reconcile work with personal life. Then came the idea of ​​setting up a tobacconist. On May 21, 2014 they opened the doors of the Tabacaria 3E tobacconist. Initially Elizabeth, who had been a Pingo Doce employee for 15 years, was working punctually at the newly opened establishment until she was sure she could dedicate herself to 100% of this commercial adventure. In fact, the decision was not difficult. Soon in the first year the Tabacaria 3E met a tremendous success that continues to echo today. The name of the establishment is closely linked to the three Elizabeths of the family, the mother and the two daughters, reminding Paul of what he most cares for and wants to protect.

The success of the establishment is explained by the simple but effective philosophy of the couple: they guide their business according to what customers ask them and ensure a constant supply of products. Paulo reports a time when the stock of Carelia and pipe tobacco was almost non-existent. Its always well-supplied tobacconist had clients from Figueira da Foz and Coimbra, who saw 3E as a safe selling point for the missing article. On the other hand, Paulo makes a point of betting on differentiating his offert, with a wide range of products. As he always wanted to have a 'serious tobacconist,' he made a point of having one of the country's largest Zippos and Clippers displays, as well as a panoply of shrouds and tobaccos. But Paulo's greatest pride is his 'Habanos point' certificate, which categorizes his establishment as an authorized selling point for these famous cigars, as well as having conditions for its preservation and exhibition. In fact, the 3E tabacaria has already been the stage for a rare spectacle: the demonstration of the technique of rolling the very rare Cuban cigars to the wonder of shoppers and shoppers, an event that was fortunately recorded on video and can be consulted on the tabacaria facebook page 3E.

However, a business is not just about products, it also involves interaction between people and life of the store. In fact, this nice couple has already conquered the heart of the neighborhood, with its contagious dynamism. Let the residents of Mário Sacramento say that last Christmas they marveled at a luminous decoration worthy of the time, organized by Paul with the precious help of a friend, or the lady who was rescued by Paul from a burning building in front to the tobacconist.

This is an establishment that lives up to the phrase 'with doors always open'. And do not worry, the space is tiny, but its immaculate organization allows you to find what you are looking for at a glance.  
Tabacaria 3E