Santos da Praça
— since 1999 —

The telephones rings for the third time as one rumages the pockets searching for the key of the car. The answer on the other end of the line is the same as the previous ones: 'I'm on my way.' Another car rounds the corner of the street with four people squeezed into the back seat. The front glass opens and heads out exclaiming: 'We’re going to make a quick stop by the ATM, 5 min! Where do we meet?' 'In Santos of course, today is ladies night!'

Thus it starts another night in Aveiro, where Santos da Praça, located in Praça do Peixe Square, number 3, is the destination of choice. Founded in May 1999, by Joaquim Reis and João António Redondo, it quickly became a milestone in the night of Aveiro and today counts on the vision of David Almeida to continue to animate cagaréus, ceboleiros and whoever else wants to join the party.

David was born in Portugal, was in France, Maci, until the age of 29, but eventually returned. Already in Portuguese lands, David begins to consider the possibility of opening his own establishment and creates the Ibiza Bar in Couto Esteves. The concept of the bar was a little different from Santos, as it worked exclusively with live music, but the ability to liven up the nightlife is what unites this type of establishments and David, by that time, knew how to fill his house with sound and dance that lasted throughout the night. Notwithstanding the success of the house, David ambitioned a larger project that would bring him closer to his dream of running a dance club and watching the livelier Aveiro’s night, deemed it fit for this type of investment. In one of those happy coincidences, David found, one day, Joaquim Reis shopping in Recheio. He mentioned to him his project and Joaquim immediately proposed to him the transfer of the Santos da Praça.

When he took over the place, David knew that he would be running a bar that had always worked well, but still he rolled up his sleeves to regain some momentum of the establishment, something that attracted customers who no longer attended the house with the same regularity. Recently, he has changed the organization of the bar to function as an 'American' bar, where the preparation of cocktails is in the front of the counter, thus avoiding numerous trips to the canopy to prepare them. The cold section is at the rear. The change meshes well with the philosophy of a house that deals with a vast public. On many nights Santos is packed full and David has, with this new layout, to provide a fast and efficient service for its customers.

The bar features an advanced lighting system, experienced DJs and music that makes you jump up from the floor, together with each year’s best musical hits.
A project that David tries to put into operation at the moment, consists in the use of the kitchen of the building on the third floor to market some snacks and fast foods, such as chicken drumsticks, hotdogs, toasts, among others.

And of course, for cocktails, this bar represents the holy grail. Long Island iced teas, manhattans, daiquiris and margaritas awaken the palate and emotions. And since we mention them here is a special note: David, always in search of new experiences for his house, already prepares some surprises. Think of something like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail.
Each night is a party, each party is unforgettable. If you are an adept of festivities this is the bar for you!  
Santos da Praça