Ferro Restaurant
— since 1982 —

In 1909, a building designed by Francisco Rocha was inaugurated at no. 30 of Tenente Resende Street, in Aveiro, which would become part of the rich heritage of arte nova, so characteristic of the city and which today is known to host Pensão Ferro. Above its stony entrance, we can follow the winding route of the floral reliefs, carved in an arch filled with two generous glass and iron windows. The words Labour and Honor were engraved, respectively on the left and right, on the medallions that rest on the extruder of the arch, perhaps the motto for the first business that functioned in the building: the Manuel Ferreira locksmith shop. The exterior architecture has been preserved to this day além de já terem sido efectuadas obras de renovação no painel de azulejos e na fachada , besides renovation work that has already been carried out on the tiles panel and the building’s forefront.

After functioning as a locksmith, the building was acquired by the couple Ernesto Grego and Maria Ferro. On the ground floor was the restoration component, while on the first floor were the bedrooms. Years later, the couple's son, Mr. António Ferro, along with his wife, Mr. D. Maria Augusta, continued the business and contributed to the house's reputation, which became known by the dedicated quality as well as the fresh cod dishes: faces, tongues and cod samos. The eel stews, made with fresh fish from the harbour, and the meats, namely the goat, as well as the Portuguese stew, also delight the customers, never forgetting, of course, the good wines selected by Mr. António Ferro. Over the years, the couple managed to explore only the hotel section, eventually passing over the catering space to a company of official brokers.

However, fate wanted Pensão Ferro to gain a new breath and resurfaced again has a strong Business in Aveiro. In front of the Pensão Ferro was the restaurant Zé Bissa, explored by Maria Abrantes and António Cardoso, who realized that the couple wanted to leave the business completely to dedicate themselves to a well deserved rest, proposed the acquisition of the space. In 1982 Pensão Ferro reopened with the restoration component still absent, under new guardianship. Later it was reactivated and to the original menu were added the more sought-after dishes, such as the eel stew and the cod with corn bread. The good atmosphere of the house remained, but also acquired other shades, painted by generations of party-going student . Maria Teresa herself confesses to being an adept of the gathering and conviviality, and happily remembers the nights with friends behind closed doors, which sometimes lasted until the dawn of day, real stages of amateur fado sessions in which the soul and the tenacity and the skill of the people of Aveiro was known. But it is not only the people of Aveiro who see Pensão Ferro as an excellent stopping point. Maria tells us in a curious episode of a man from Lisbon that made it a matter of visiting Pensão Ferro every month to enjoy the famous eel stew.

The appeal of this house is, today, abundantly clear by the daily queues on summer months that fill Tenente Resende Street, one of the busiest streets of Beira-Mar, offering a unique opportunity to know the quality and unique atmosphere of one of the best known restaurants in the city.  
Restaurante Ferro