Peter’s Guesthouse
— since 2016 —

Portugal is a nice country. We have mountain ranges, we have beaches, good gastronomy and a sunny weather. It’s not surprising, therefore, that we have so many visitors traveling along our coast or discovering our interior. The aspects that make the country attractive can be found in the district of Aveiro and the city itself remains open to all who come to know its places. Pedro Arroja is a son of the city who also decided to open doors to visitors. His family has strong ties to the trade business - in Penafiel his grandfather opened the famous Casa Paris, in Aveiro his uncle created Zig Zag and his parents were the owners of the well-known Vanitá, where he worked - which gives him an almost natural affinity for these 'wanderings'. Despite this, Peter had no experience dealing with local lodging per se, and consequently his latest business venture - Peter's Guesthouse - still had something to teach him.

The acquisition of No. 19 on Rua Agostinho Pinheiro, which operated as a family hostel and dinner, which would have initially belonged to the Capela family, was an opportunity that Pedro was quick to capitalize on. He saw it was available for sale and after two days had already negotiated the acquisition of the place.

Pedro, immediately wanted to distance himself from the concept of pension and inn and with that in mind, optimized the space of the rooms, besides redecorating the whole guesthouse to achieve a more modern and clean look. The privileged and central position of his business is the perfect stay for those who come from the station with backpacks and luggage, or for those who simply want to know the city center and its surroundings, which, all in all, translates into lots of guests throughout the year. The pins are representative of this! Let us explain: Pedro has a habit of asking his clients to place pins on a world map that he has at near the reception desk, in order to be able to perceive the origins of his clientele. At the time this story is written, the map is studded with markings all over the world, proving that Peter's Guesthouse is a very international accommodation. In fact, the name was chosen precisely because it is more inclusive, and Pedro easily speaks French, English or Spanish, without ever forgetting the value of our own language and traditions, so well demonstrated by the hospitality with which Aveiro receives its visitors.

In this guesthouse guests not only have amenities such as WIFI, cable TV and air conditioning in the rooms, but also with the possibility of discovering the city with itineraries that encompass points of interest that are worth visiting.

Although most reservations are made by Booking - which allows for the anticipation of vacancies - our entrepreneur, nevertheless, makes sure to always be available at the reception. Sometimes there are some surprises, such as an episode in which a guest came to his house at nine o'clock on the evening of December 24. Or when he had to climb the roof because of a guest who broke the key in the lock. Peter however is not deterred by these small incidents and has already planned the expansion of his business.

This is a house that has been receiving visitors in Aveiro for many years. If it depends on Peter, it will receive them for many more years still.
Come and meet it!  
Peter's Guesthouse