OMB Grupo Óptico
— since 1981 —

In 1982, the paths of Adelino Nogueira Lopes and Vítor Castanheira cross and from this fortuitous encounter OMB is born, with 33 stores spread all over the country. One of these stores is located in General Humberto Delgado square, nº12, in Aveiro and it is António Amorim, store manager, who tells us the history of this ever expanding group. Born in Covilhã, with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, he quickly joins the company's staff and begins his career at the Coimbra store, where he has earned invaluable technical and management skills for three years. In the following seven years he was commercial director of the company and is currently responsible for the protocol and product area, as well as some stores. His function leaves him perfectly positioned to tell us the genesis and evolution of this group of prestige.

OMB began by defining a very specific concept, in which it assumed, above all, as a provider of health services. This philosophy extends to the present day, with a focus on state-of-the-art technology that allows assertive diagnoses and results, backed by a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to all its clients. The modus operandi of the group always starts in prevention, having several mechanisms of sensitization for the different regions of the country. An example will be the project 'seeing is knowing, seeing is learning', in which, through lectures in schools, they alert to the possible eye problems that begin to develop early in the younger layers. On the other hand, OMB also assumes itself as a social actor. According to the founding partners, 'companies have to go beyond easy profit' and the group has another project, 'solidarity vision', which, with the help of city councils, screen and offer glasses to children who can not afford them.

The company prides itself on having a loyal clientele, more sensitive to the concept of glasses as medical devices and aware that constant monitoring is essential in eye health. In the perspective of António Amorim, this monitoring also allows the study and diagnosis of problems that are inseparable from current society, namely the exposure to LED lights, present in almost all digital devices, which inevitably accompany us in everyday life. He adds that we do not need to avoid these technologies, just take the necessary care, such as wearing glasses that filter the blue light of LED screens. The vision is, according to Antonio, a sense that we sometimes let degrade to the point where it stops being a nuisance to became a serious problem. In these cases, correction becomes more difficult and costly, so prevention is an investment in our well-being.

OMB continues its route pointing to a total of 50 homes across the country. You can't foresee tomorrow, but with the help of the competent professionals of the OMB we can clearly see the present: a successful group that opened doors to offer health!  
OMB Grupo Óptico