O Púcaro
— since the 50’s —

Located in the center of Esgueira, the 'O Púcaro' is one of the most renowned takeaway restaurant and takeaway, especially for all the barbecue chicken lovers. But before we talk about the most requested dish, we invite you to immerse yourself in the history of this house that has already been more than four decades old. The beginning of this history dates back to the 40s and 50s where 'O Púcaro' appears as a typical little shop with a good red wine served directly from the kites. The concept of wine house ended in the 80's, with the entry of Mr. Carlos Oliveira who remodeled and reopened the space as a Snack Bar, proposing the tasting of some good tidbits, as well as typical dishes of Portugal. This new line of business has triggered a new clientele and, consequently, a higher degree of demand.

In 1988, in addition to the Snack-Bar service, the 'O Púcaro' opened as a Restaurant, starting with not only the dishes of the day, but also with the famous barbecue chicken. Since then, it has increased exponentially the number of customers and began to be famous for its delicious and unique chickens. In 2000, the owner decided to change the space and transformed 'O Púcaro' into the service of Snack-Bar and Take-Away, boosting the sale of barbecue chicken and keeping the sale of dishes of the day.

Later in 2010, 'O Púcaro' was preparing itself for another historical turning point with the departure of Mr. Carlos Oliveira and the entry of two new members — the current owners Nuno Barros and Paulo Nogueira. Since the entry of the new management, the changes to the service are minimal, keeping the same team, recipes and traditions of the house. However, the dream of giving back to its customers a sitting space has taken shape and, in 2015, they inaugurated, in the same building as the original, 'O Púcaro - Restaurant', which offers a variety of delicious set of new dishes, essentially grilled meats. According to Nuno Barros, 'the customers expressed the desire to return to enjoy their daily meals served and we sought the solution. The objective was to recover the tradition of the Púcaro as a restaurant.

'The recognition of the barbecue chicken confection is the soul of O Púcaro, but essentially it is in the dedication of all the professionals of the house, as well as the quality of the products used, that resides its success. On the barbecue is José Fecha, considered a specialist and one of the motors of the team, which already has 30 years of in house experience, keeping with him all the secrets and techniques of confection in coal grate.

Nuno Barros guarantees that in Púcaro you can find a service of excellence combined with the goal of meeting the expectations and desire of the client, ensuring that those who choose to eat the chicken of O Púcaro will find a unique flavor and quality. He also states that 'people know that barbecue chicken is our art ... Here we make the difference by shortening the time interval between confection and consumption of the chicken, ensuring that the customer takes the chicken warm, freshly grilled, to get a perfect tasting. This is what defines the quality of our service!

'Throughout these decades 'Púcaro' is proud, not only of being in constant adaptation to the needs of its customers and of sharing with them the daily life, but also to share important moments in their lives. An example of this was the celebration of the Golden Wedding of the couple António and Rosa Castro, regular customers of the house. These friends made a point of celebrating, with family and friends, their beautiful union. Every year, 'O Púcaro' promotes a conviviality among its clients and friends, organizing the Snack-Bar 'O Púcaro' Fishing Contest, which has been held for more than 30 years. A fishing contest with great tradition in Aveiro. With so many years of existence and going through different times, 'O Púcaro' has demonstrated the ability to adapt in order to satisfy its customers. With so many years of experience, anyone looking for this space will certainly have a service of excellence and quality products that will result in a unique and special tasting experience.
O Púcaro