— since 2008 —

t's time for dinner. The shoes are in their place and the bath is taken, the will to cook, that one is missing. Dinner could be ordered, but there are few restaurants that deliver it.

This is a common scenario for a good part of the population and it is precisely this dilemma to which the 'noMenu' service offers a response. The business came to Aveiro by the hands of Marta Ferreira and Filipe Marçal, being initially at Rua de Anadia while today it is located at Rua Dr. Mário Sacramento, nº177, store 46, where it benefits from excellent access and visibility, besides having injected life into the place where it was established.
However, before we look at the evolution of the business, let's get to know this couple of entrepreneurs better. Both are from Coimbra and, until they had contact with noMenu, had no substantial experience in catering or similar services. In fact, Filipe had only some experience in hotels and Marta had the agility to deal with the public, having worked in a furniture company, and such a public is very different from the public they would serve. But they had a vision and decided to put it into practice.

They ended up moving to Aveiro, as a matter of convenience. In addition to the constant commuting being tiresome, they also thought about the future of their little child and the time they would spend going back and forth. The beginning of the business was therefore difficult, but not impossible, because neither Philip nor Marta are people who give up easily. The target audience was a bit different than expected. They eventually realized, over the years, that they served all kinds of clients, from students, to elderly people with difficulties of locomotion. In fact, noMenu already has regular customers, who order meals daily. They also established protocols with local businesses, thus creating synergies in the commercial fabric of Aveiro.

The establishments that work with this service are chosen carefully and are always references in the city, so as to bring to the home of each client, the best gastronomy possible. Some of them are customers who have been accompanying the course of noMenu since the beginning and are already very close partners, as is the case of Pizzarte, which has exclusivity of deliveries with them. The packaging in the transport is carefully studied, which results in meals that owe nothing to a request made in the restaurant itself. Deliveries do not focus exclusively on catering, they can be complemented with products marketed directly by the store, such as ice cream, beverages and tobacco.

The service is not limited to deliveries. It offers a personalized method that suggests dishes and desserts to those who wish it, a task that does not seem easy, since they work with more than 50 houses. Filipe faces the magnanimous task with an enviable calm: 'I like what I do, I'm like a waiter on the phone!'
The store started with 100 orders per month and today has 2000, proof that there are no insurmountable obstacles. For Filipe and Marta customer satisfaction is linked directly to the time of service and the entire organization is carried out with this premise in mind, from the survey of the waiting times in the various establishments, to the telephone calls to the clients in case of delay. The 'non-stop' project, which runs from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) is already in the pipeline and promises not to leave a single empty stomach in Aveiro. New technologies wise, they are preparing an APP and already have a website. There are more and more orders placed on this platform, although Filipe has a soft spot for traditional communication ...

We end this story with a curiosity: although they handle more than 50 restaurants, Filipe and Marta never know where they will dine. If you find yourself in the same situation, call the noMenu and open the doors to the entirety of Aveiro’s catering.