Kinhas & Linhas
— since 2016 —

Whoever enters the nº14 of das Cardadeiras street in Esgueira is immediately greeted by a sea of ​​colors and textures, shelves laden with textiles, kilometers of all kinds of lines with all kinds of twists, treasure chests in which the coins are buttons of endless shapes and sizes. The store radiates with the force of creativity, but the most energetic presence in Kinhas e Linhas is actually Leonilde Linhares, the owner, who always welcomes you with a good day and a smile on her lips.

For this entrepreneur, who has traded management and accounting for needles and yarn, there is no task deemed impossible, be it discovering the rarest thread for an unusual work, or to perceive how to perfect a piece. Sometimes the store hardly looks like a store, because customers exchange ideas with Leonilde about how to do this and that, as if they were great friends. In fact, in many cases, that is precisely what they are. Leonilde always had a passion for crochet, knitting, arraiolos, and finally, for any activity where she could stick a needle into, appreciating as well the flow of knowledge that the position behind the counter provides. When there are some doubts, there’s always the internet.

Although it doesn’t represent the majority of the business, the sewing works and the customization of pieces are, nevertheless, one of the services provided. On the other hand, the house prides itself on having articles that are not in other establishments, of which the exclusive needles for felting are an example. For those who do not know, this is a technique of modeling that requires considerable dedication and talent, something easily verified when looking at the moliceiro and angel on display on the store’s counter. Several workshops have already been held in the store. At present, the lack of space doesn’t allow it, however, Leonilde intends to revive this area as soon as possible.

The dynamic of the brand also extends outside the doors of the store. In 2017, Kinhas e Linhas participated in several events, such as AgitÁgueda, Troca o Par, Pumpkin Festival and the 17th Fair in Vale Maior, living up to the diversity of skills of its dynamics owner. In Aveiro, Leonilde is also the ambassador of the Octopuses of Love, a project that, through octopuses made in crochet, intends to bring greater comfort and tranquility to premature babies. With the help of the Tricotadeiras de Aveiro, a group with which Kinhas and Linhas maintains constant contact, 100 octopuses were delivered to fathers and mothers of children in intensive care units.

The store was energetically reformulated in 2016 by Leonilde, with the help of, Ana Martins who works with her since 2016, perfecting a concept that existed since 2014. The name is a reference to the diminutive of 'Marquinhas', name affectionately attributed to ladies named 'Maria' in some parts of the country. Of course, the ever playful owner can sometimes surprise some long-time customers by saying 'Maluquinhas e Linhas, (crazy people and threads) good morning!'
This is the reflection of someone who feels welcomed by the community of Esgueira and who knows how to welcome their customers to the same extent. Come in and feel for yourself, the warmth of the Portuguese way!  
Kinhas & Linhas