Isabel Castro
— since 1987 —

In Rua Conselheiro Luís De Magalhães, Nº1, in a well-known place of the aveirenses, we find the hairdresser Isabel Castro. We are waiting for Nuno Ferreira de Castro, son of Isabel, ready to tell us the history of this family business. The brand was inaugurated in 1987 in the Vera Cruz building and since then, it has been present in several areas of the city, namely in the center Avenue and in the Meliá until finally establishing itself in the present space, in December 2008, in the building that once housed the famous warehouses of Aveiro. The size of the space, as well as the privileged location in the center of the city led to the closure of other establishments and concentration of efforts in this last one, while the hairdresser near Meliá was sold to a family member, who already managed it.

The place for this last salon was a stroke of luck. Isabel wasn't looking to change her salon, but she could not resist the potential that the new location represented. The reconstruction work was a time-consuming process, but it was nevertheless fruitful. The commercial movement catalyzed in the past by the Warehouses still results in some curious visits to the salon, when someone comes looking for articles from this old business. When you enter this exquisite salon, you will feel the warmth of a family atmosphere that stands out for its professionalism, commitment and competence. Today, it offers all the clients who visit it a wide range of complete body and hair services, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with a multidisciplinary team of excellence.

The Isabel Castro brand was born with Isabel, a feisty woman who dedicates herself to her art with the same intensity and passion as 50 years ago. Through Isabel's hands, Nuno, her son, spent a good part of her teenage years in the salon. He came from school and stayed in the reception area, helping with payments and receiving customers. Nuno recalls that 20 years ago, the service in hairdressing salons was very careful. The collection of ladies's coats, serving a cup of tea, as well as other treats, were common practice. In his mother's parlor, the young Nuno quickly became aware of the sheer volume of work with which she was dealing with and felt like being helpful. The ladies would call him to wash their hair, but at 15 years of age and a room full of customers, Nuno hesitated ... The big change came with a touch of irony. On a day when Nuno had a holiday in class, he and some friends decided to 'bail out' a little and go to the cafe. Curiously, it was at this moment that Nuno saw in the newspaper the announcement for a course at the hairdresser Jorge Lima, located in Porto, a highly respected hairdresser.

Initially, he did not have much enthusiasm for the profession, but over time, the taste for the cut, the ripple and especially the world of color was sprouting. Eventually, Nuno decided to dedicate himself to the mother's business in 1995, which in this way gained a more familiar character. He developed the project for Rua Conselheiro Luís de Magalhães and ended up serving as an intergenerational bridge of the clientele, attracting younger age groups with his relaxed personality. He recognizes that times have changed a bit. While it was once the hairdressers themselves recommending cuts through specialty magazines, in the era of mobile devices, many customers are displaying their preferences. Of course counseling work is also practiced and there will always be the undecided client. In these cases the expertise of Nuno, Isabel and all the staff, in analyzing and perceiving the best look for each client is always indispensable. Nuno's technical skills led him to be invited to be L'Oreal's trainer, a role he had held for nine years.

At present, he is dedicated exclusively to the establishment of his mother and in fact this mother-son duo has managed what can only be described as a successful business that offers all clients who visit it a wide range of complete hairdressing and aesthetics, through specialized and multidisciplinary offices in the spacious building. At Isabel Castro you can find treatments with water (vichy shower), various massages, manicure and pedicure, hairstyles ranging from the simplest to the most complex. The salon also offers a service of proximity between hairdresser-client, guided by a large and comfortable space or in the service pro bono at home to some elderly customers who can no longer move to the salon.

Finally, we can not fail to mention the initiative promoted by Isabel and Nuno, which consists of making a free visual change, to those who join the initiative. The results are impressive and especially satisfying for those who are not very bold about their looks and ends up discovering a new facet of themselves.

This is a business that already counts with many years in the city of Aveiro, and judging by the current situation, will count on many more. Do not be alarmed by the imposing appearance of the building, you can come at ease and enjoy all the services to which you are entitled. In fact the prices charged are accessible to all wallets. Now there is no excuse not to enter ...  
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